under $100: at the bar

when i went to brimfield, that sprawling east coast antique show, for the first time last year, i was so overwhelmed with the massive variety of antiques that i choked and came virtually empty-handed.  so this year, when grace, amy m. and i took a design*sponge team to check out the show, i was determined to fare better. i found a vintage industrial machinist table with a butcher block top that i plan to use as a bar cart. now i just need to accessorize! you can also find pretty fantastic vintage items on etsy and ebay. even if you don’t have a bar cart, nothing makes a party more festive than a tray filled all the fixings for cocktails! – amy a

[image above, clockwise from top left:linen napkin $15, queen anne champagne bucket $67.99, stage horn-handled silver plate ice scoop $89, stripes tray $28  platinum ombre champagne coupe $18.00, elixir carafe $20, winston glass $2.95, 3-piece cocktail set $30, glass recipe shaker $19.95, melamine trays $17ea, scaled leather bottle opener $16]

vase (ice bucket!) 14.99, ice scoop $1.95, imbibe: from absinthe cocktail to whiskey smash $16.29, marimekko aarre tray $24, hemingway muddlers $22 ea, pop rocks glass $14, glass pitcher $24.99, botero glass $12, fog linen tray $27.20, 7-piece bar set $33.49, pine cone coasters $4

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carved wood bottle openers $22 square decanter $25

clockwise from top left: carafe with oak stopper $29.95, botanical napkins $48, bitters bottle $23, deck of cards flask $45, fee brothers bar cocktail bitters set $54.95, scroll tray $14.95, barware set $34.99,  faux python skin trays, $28 ea, iittala turquoise decanter $64.70, the mixicologist by c.f. lawlor $29.95 (more vintage cocktail book reproductions here), twist glasses $18

martini glasses $13.49, olive picks $29

i love finding vintage barware.  all the finds here are from etsy, but that’s just because they have the best photos. there’s plenty of great barware bargains to be found at your local thrift store and salvation army and of course – ebay!

if you loose out on any of these items, here are just a few of the many barware search terms that you can use on ebay and etsy: champagne goblet (or champagne coupe), decanter, cocktail pick, brandy snifter, ice bucket, ice pick, rocks glasses, old-fasioned glasses, bottle opener, martini

image above, clockwise from top left: tray $12, crown bottle opener $10, cocktail picks $25, retro bar in suitcase $18, art glass decanter $30, yellow glassware $6.99, silver ombre martini glasses and pitcher $85, wooden tray $17, fish bottle opener, $32   ice bucket $27, chrome cocktail shaker $24.95


Grace, I hope that this isn’t too creepster, but I noticed in your Lonny apartment spread that you use a melamine tray under your dish rack. I would love to try something similar with the amazing trays here, but I was wondering, how does this work exactly? Do you periodically lift up the rack to pour out the water? Great roundup by the way!


Hi Nadia!

I just tip it over and dump out any extra water when I empty it after drying :)



cool item for everyone who enjoys (making) a drink! cute wooden bottleopeners ;-)


Love this round-up! I just snagged a sweet little faux-bamboo cart at a local antique mall last week and have been wondering how to accessorize. Been looking for the perfect cart for a while now, so when I found this one for only $30 I knew I had to grab it. Thanks for sharing these great ideas!

Jules @ Kiss & Punch

The Frigoverre glass pitcher is only $11.95 at greenfeet.com. It is an awesome pitcher…no yucky fridge smell! :)

Lydia, Clueless Crafter

The fish bottle opener is such a perfect Etsy find. I can see myself on a dock during a hot summer day opening a cold beer with that handy gadget.

Have you ever visited Todds Farm for a d*s field trip? What do you think?

James O'Reilly

Hi guys love your work! Would you mind showing us an image of the bar you found at brimfield?



we’re holding off on posting the bar because amy’s home will be in the d*s book ;) sorry for the delay, but i promise it will be worth the wait.



You are awsome! Tell us more, especially regarding things under $100.