sneak peek: yves of i love deer

i wanted to take a little time out today to post a special mid-week sneak peek from yves of i love deer in belgium. yves recently moved from the city out to the country side to find more open space and natural light that would fit his budget.

yves found an old gatekeeper’s home from the beginning of the previous century and embarked upon a series of remodels and upgrades over the past few years, removing some of the interior walls to create a more open, airy feel. during the rebuild yves kept green building practices in mind, focusing on sustainable wood and using solar panels to provide power for the home.

there are over 130 square feet of windows in the “new” home as well as a great mix of old and new scandinavian furniture. the majority of yves’ furniture came from flea markets, secondhand shops, family hand-me-downs and ikea. i think the finished look is a really lovely modern take on a country house- and would the perfect place to get away from it all after a hectic day (or year) in the city. great work, yves! click here to see more yves work online and click here to view these images full sized on flickr.

CLICK HERE for the rest of yves peek (including all 12 images on one page) after the jump!


eva / sycamore street press

beautiful! yves – what general area of belgium is this? (i’ve lived in nivelles and brussels, and have traveled quite a bit throughout the country.) just curious…and wishing i could go back for a visit!


i love it, and my favorite part is that in this example living in the country= farmland, not some wierd US suburban version of “country”. it is like BAM crops, right out the back door. the living space and the landscape both feel very authentic.


This is a simply beautiful place. I love the light, the amount of space. No clutter. And this 60s chair – I want to have it. Now! :)


wow! Yves!
congratulations on being featured!
I didn’t know you had such a lovely interior! now all those I love deer product shots backdrops fall into place…
very inspiring to finally get our place dressed to the nines… I have a fear Thierry might want to push his dreaded minimalism unto me again… aaargh!
thanks for the peek!
x x Mieke


wow! i wish i had the control to edit my space like this! such lovely choices, well done!

Eileen 2

Nice punctuations of black and especially the kitchen stove. I’m coining a new phrase. Oven Envy is a condition that occurs when a person keeps noticing amazing new or vintage ovens on Design*Sponge.


Beautiful, he did not skimp on bringing in the light…I know the mentions of all the flea market finds and Ikea hand-me-downs implies Yves is a thrifty decorator, but that remodel had to cost a fortune. It would be nice to know what he used for the flooring (so pretty!) and to see the exterior of the house. Where I live on the Main Line outside Philly, gate keeper houses always look like little castles…they are really are neat looking…


Ellen2 is right! Can’t believe how wonderful that stove is.


i love the framed print of the narrow buildings.

do you know who the artist is or where to find it? thanks!


Love the cat light on the desk. Would love to have one like it.