sneak peek: nicole hill gerulat

nicole hill gerulat
is a commercial/advertising photographer who specializes in lifestyle and food photography. you’ve probably seen her work in some of your favorite magazine – just this month, she had a photograph in martha stewart living! it’s a job that she is uniquely qualified for. not only did she attend the brooks institute of photography, but she is also a graduate of the french culinary institute! when she’s not taking fantastic images, nicole is teaching others how to do the same via her art weekends in dc, nyc and in utah!  (my photoshop skills could seriously use an art weekend!)  {thanks, nicole!} -amya

[those are my own cowboy hats –i was raised with horses! the sofa bed is from ikea, pillows from cost plus world market, rug from pottery barn, chair and ottoman from down east, paint color: martha stewart valspar (lowe’s) “surf” ]nicole2 nicole3 frames and shelf from ikea, prints are my images (with the exception of the large horizontal on the top row), cushion from anthropologie, painted school chair was bought at the beehive bazaar nicole4
the kitchen is julia child-inspired! my husband made the pan rack. the utensil holder is from ikea. rug from ikea. my goal – based on my mom’s and aunts fridges – is to have pictures covering every inch of space! i’m almost there!

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nicole5 A combination of my culinary school knives and current ones.  The hello kitty tape was wrapped to identify my knifes from the other students at school. nicole6 nicole7 nicole8 lamp from z-gallerie, jewelry chest from pottery barn via down east, mirror from target, knobs from anthropologie, jewelry stand from urban outfitters, chest of drawers from down east nicole9 miniature photographs from our wedding, my grandpas leica that i shoot with, my dog molly’s bone that she accidentally dropped in paint, polaroid ceramicpenguin classics from coralie bickford-smith


I attended one of her photography workshops and really enjoyed it. I also love her pictures and blog. It’s great to see her lovely home!


i just love the green rug. i have been searching high & low for something to brighten up my living space. can you give details ?

nicole hill gerulat

Hi Everyone!

Thanks for the nice comments!

To answer your questions: The desk on sawhorses is from IKEA –not meant to be together because it isn’t very sturdy –but it’s very portable and i love it.

The Korean symbols in sand: my sister is serving an LDS mission in Korea right now and she sent me a 3×5 picture of the “I Love You” she wrote in the sand. She comes home in Dec after being there for 18 mo!

The jewelry stand was from Urban Outfitters –Green rug from Pottery Barn.




Yay Nicole!! I love what you’ve done with your new pad in SF! It’s so bright and cheery! Congrats on the much deserved D*S feature! :)

Jill wynne

Hi Nicole – Love everything! Which shelves are these from Ikea?


Ooh! I have a starburst mirror above our fireplace too! Great lamps. I’m really in love with the powder blue one!


How did you get all ten of the Penguin Classics? Amazon only has 8. I would LOVE to have all of them.

nicole hill gerulat

thanks again, everyone:

here are more answers…

i bought the penguin classics by isbn through a canadian book store –

desk is also from ikea

ah shoot –can’t remember the shelves from ikea –but they are about $20 each.



Being of Portuguese descent myself, I highly approve of your choice of dog breed. Not to mention, Molly is super cute.


beautiful home! so comfy and chic. especially love the peg board and that ceramic polaroid in the last photo is so cool (on my xmas list for sure)!


Love your home, and as everyone else said, the natural lighting.

Wow, Brooks and FCI, that’s one expensive combo of education. Jealous!

Kailee Higgins

i love this girls blog!!! she totally inspired me to take a digital photography class and now i’m obsessed with the art. what a charming little place…love the light colors


Beautiful! I love your house. I am from Korea so the photo of “I love you” is very impressive. : )

Cindi aka oldblackcatboo

That’s the color I’ve been hunting for! Please Please Please tell me what paint color you used on your living room walls! – you have such a beautiful home (obviously you know a house isn’t a home without a dog! Ha! Ha!)


Fantastic home! Where did you get the sunburst mirror? I’ve been looking for one but haven’t found anything as beautiful as this one.



I just linked to this post at a swedish food/kitchen blog ( and copied one of your images. Please let me know if you mind and I’ll take it down asap!

Love what you do and want more people to know…



We’re getting ready to paint our apartment and I LOVE the color in your kitchen. Can you tell what it is please?



Love the pan rack!!! Where can I possibly find the white dotty pan rack wall mount like that! Absolutely love it!



Your pan rack looks gorgeous! I noticed you have a Williams Sonoma Ebelskiver pan, and I was just wondering, what do you use it for? I recieved one as a gift and I’m at a loss for how to use it!

nicole hill gerulat

HI again!

We built the pan ran from things from Home Depot –the Ebelskiver pan is for Ebelskivers!!! Our favorite! You’ll have to try it!

Paint color is listed in the article.

TEA: You should have seen all the stuff in the corners!



I love the pan rack! Can you tell me what was used to hang the pans to the board? I already have a board like that and would love to do a similar project!

nicole gerulat

hi kayleigh,

the rack was built by us –we used strips of wood behind the edges so that it was raised out enough to put pegs into it.


Nadia Franco

I LOVED the colors you used, the light in the rooms, and all the photos!!! The only thing that didn’t ‘convince’ me… was the pan rack; to me it kinda’ looks like an unfinished guy’s workshop. But everything else is awesome!