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sneak peek: jennifer anderson

by anne

out first sneak peek from furniture designer jennifer anderson is another exercise in good use of space. a little over two years ago she and her designer/developer boyfriend (and his two kids) combined spaces and moved into an 850sf cottage in the ocean beach neighborhood of san diego. the challenge was to scale back two residences – jennifer’s studio apartment and chris’s 1,625sf single family residence – into one, while at the same time melding their styles together. downsizing is always a challenge, but these two make it work. click here to take a closer look at the spaces. {thanks, jennifer!}anne

[above: The Echo Chaise is a piece that I made during graduate school. It is made of industrial felt and maple veneer. It’s meant to be used in a variety of ways: sitting on the lower bump like a short stool, sitting on the higher bump like a tall stool, using it like a regular chaise lounge and also as an inverted chaise lounge with your head lower than your legs. Emilie Douglas designed the coat rack in the living room. She designed and fabricated it while we were both living in Los Angeles and working as furniture designers for Rivr Media’s television show, “Freeform Furniture.”

Both Chris and I have been long-time admirers of mid-century Danish modern design. The black leather PK22 lounge chair is an iconic piece designed by Poul Kjaerholm. In fact this piece (acquired by Chris from the Danish consulate in New York City) influenced much of the work that I completed while in graduate school. The small walnut and ash side table along side the mid-century sofa was acquired three years ago from The Messler Gallery at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Rockport, Maine where I was teaching a summer workshop. The table was designed and built by Jerry Osgood, one of the pioneers of the Studio Furniture Movement. Artist Lockwood Dennis of Washington did the block prints above the sofa. I purchased these from the visual display department at Nordstrom (for next to nothing) while I was working there before graduate school.

In the living room and hallway are drawings by Todd Partridge a local San Diego artist with whom I went to graduate school.

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Moving into a house half the size forced us to be creative with the space. Chris’ former home had a separate office, which had to be scaled down to a single wall in our living room. We made a trip to our favorite salvage yard (Leaf Industries) and purchased some bright orange shelving that had come from a local Home Depot store. We gave it a quick coat of white paint and modified some of the pieces and in one afternoon we were able to create an office area with a desk, adjustable shelving, and a magazine rack. On the shelf in the office area is Tanya Aguiniga’s (Los Angeles) felt bird, Heather McCalla’s (San Diego) green rocket, Hisako Izumi’s (Japan) slip-cast porcelain houses, and a painting of Chris and his dad which his dad painted.



Jessica, Chris’ daughter’s room is decorated with a Keith Haring serigraph. We saved her desk and desk chair from the dumpster at her elementary school after they purchased new furniture. The birch branches are recycled props from Anthropology’s visual display department. The Thonet Café Chair is actually a piece I made. It’s part of a larger series which consists of well-known chairs I reproduce out of mud.



San Diego’s mild weather allows us to spend a fair amount of time out doors. Our house has a huge deck in the back that we’ve peppered with potted succulents and an old school picnic table. It’s our favorite spot for almost every meal and in the evening we have a fantastic view of Sea World’s summer fireworks show.


The cast bronze bell is by architect Paolo Soleri. Chris is a huge fan of Soleri and his work. The bell was purchased from Objects USA and as a recent birthday gift for Chris.

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