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sneak peek: jen altman {part deux}

by anne

moving is never fun the first time, but when you move out and then move back into the same house, what does jen altman do? she makes the most of it and redecorates! last year we got a great sneak peek into her “old place” and today we’re so pleased to be sharing the new, and improved, look at her home. it’s kind of amazing to see a fresh look at the space. click here for additional images of jen’s great space, and if you’re looking for a little extra inspiration to get you through the day, don’t miss jen’s beautiful blog, nectar & light. {thanks again, jen!}anne

[above: our entry way… i have always been adamant about some sort of station at an entry.  it just makes sense to me to have somewhere to drop or hang anything you need to deposit as you come into the house.  we keep seasonal shoes in a basket under the table {found at Cost Plus some years ago and fitted with a glass knob from Anthropologie} – sunglasses, keys, mail and random Polaroids also find their way here.]

our dining room… we eat here, we draw here, we work here, we school here.  i found the table at an antique store down the street – it was love at first site.  the chairs are replicas of the Navy Chair by Emeco and we have two Starck Ghost Chairs that travel between our kitchen nook and the ends of the table when we need to seat six.  i love the light that bathes this room in the late afternoon.

our bedroom is my happy place {as well as our schnoodle’s – kind ludwig}  the two large pieces hanging over our bed are collages featuring zoomed in, then cropped paraphernalia collected in the six years we lived and traveled overseas.  i wrote about the project on my blog here. i always keep a stack of books next to the bed – i am currently loving science reads – i am in the midst of ‘the canon:  a whirligig tour of the beautiful basics of science’ by natalie angier; ‘longitude’ by dava sobel is up next.

CLICK HERE for the rest of Jen’s sneak peek after the jump!




our kitchen is a labor of love.  we gutted it about two years ago and redesigned it floor up.  i love the contrast between the black cabinets and the white dishes – there are touches of pink here and there just for fun.

our three girls share a room.  when we found out that our third was to be a girl, we decided to partially knock out the wall separating the two spare bedrooms and install a double french door.  i can not even imagine having the girls separated at this point – they adore having this large space to themselves – it combines their sleeping area with a play area.  the walls are a very pale pink – the only walls in the house not some shade of gray – and both spaces feature chandeliers and black and white accents.  we are addicted to jellycat lovies – they are everywhere.  art work by art & ghosts and my daughter adevah fey.


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  • I love the mix of traditional and very, very modern! It all looks so inviting and livable, yet completely put-together. What an inspiration!

  • What a beautiful sneak peek! I love all the photographs throughout your house. What kind of cameras/film do you use? Oh, and what kind of Polaroid camera/film did you use to photograph your house?

  • I’ve been looking for lower-cost/knockoff versions of the Emeco Navy chair for AGES. Would you mind sharing where you got these?

    Really beautiful house. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • thank you – the photos were all shot with my Polaroid 680 and natural lighting.

    the chairs i found at a clearance outlet – $200 for all four!

  • I love the massive legs on your antique dining room table. Do you know what style, period it is?

    Overall, how special to live in a space where everything reminds you of the good in life!

  • i love, love, LOVE this! it is beautiful and stylish- yet cozy and well lived in. the perfect home. beautiful photos, too!

  • Love Jen’s home. Very warm and inviting. I love all her photos. Especially the ones of her daughters. Lovely.

  • So beautiful! I love how some of the old things found a new place in the redesign, and the girls’ room is fantastic! What a dream space for 3 sisters to share! The new look is great, so much softer, deeper and more subtle somehow than the original incarnation (which was also lovely). What a treat!

  • Your house is gorgeous. Where did you get those beautiful black and white drapes? (at least the the look b&w).

  • Love the mix of chairs with the dinning room table. When a room has a mix of styles the environment always feels more lived in.

  • hi lydia – when i bought the table, it was marked “1930’s conference table” – i was told it came from a law firm in a neighboring town…

    hi michy – they are actually waverly – from target and yes – black and white…

  • her home is wonderful, i really love the photo of the dresser and jen’s photography in general, of course.

  • is there a way that i might duplicate the large photographs in the living room of your daughters? (the two- one with the adorable girl in the punk baby tee) if i were to request a photo be enlarged, is there a particular finish one could do to make it look like that? thank you.

  • hi robin – those photos are enlarged polaroids – the film itself is what gives the shots such softness… but maybe blurring your own photos in a program like photoshop might give a similar effect – hope that helps!

  • So beautiful!! and the puppy looks just like my puppy, Magnolia. i love how the contrast of the black and whites still looks soft and warm.

  • Love the sytle. Love the house. It looks so homey and inviting. Live in england and have never seen a dog like that before. Soooooo cute. Can I take him/her oversea’s to live with me please?

  • hi jen! thanks for the info. did you just scan the polaroid and enlarge with photoshop? i can’t think of any other way to enlarge a polaroid…. ???

  • can i just say, i wish the photos weren’t “effected”. the house looks amazing, but i feel a lot is getting lost in the soft grainy haze. the colors aren’t true and i would love to see the house photographed to show the house off and not the photographic stylings!

  • I have to agree with cvjn the photos are beautiful and the house is beautiful. But, I don’t think the dreamy quality of the photos is well suited to display a house and interior design choices. I’m left wondering what the true colors and shapes really are.

    Having said that, I must say, I love the entry way and girls’ bedroom – both are gorgeous.

  • lovely! so much dreamier- love all of the depth and texture! a few questions from this reader to jen: 1-would you be willing to share the paint colors in your dining room and over the fireplace? and 2- what can you tell me about the new couch, beneath the blown-up photos of your children??? i LOVE it!

  • Oh….I adore Jen. I love her and her work…and now, I love her home! Gorgeous photos of your home Jen and I love all of the beautiful details. Your pup is the sweetest thing ever and your bedroom is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  • hi lauren – the sofa is the seabury from pottery barn – as for the colors i will have to see if i can find the swatches and i will get back to you!

    thank you SO much melissa! xoox

    and just to note: and the photos are not “effected” – they are just shot with polaroid.

  • thanks jen for answering all our questions… i’m so glad i checked back. i just LOVE your home and these beautiful photos of it!

  • Jen – your home is beautiful. I especially like the chair in the second photo – it looks like it might be a hallway or entryway? Where did you get it?