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sneak peek: hetta

by anne

erika and patrik mörn run hetta – a beautiful and clever homewares line out of stockholm (erika is the designer and patrik takes care of the business side of things). i’m so happy that today we’re able to travel to sweden for sneak peek into their home which feels so swedish (without feeling like an ikea catalog!). they bought their house last year in august, but waited another few months to move in, in order to complete some renovations first. don’t miss the full post below, and click here for additional images. {thanks erika and patrik!} anne

[above: The wallpaper in our bedroom is designed by Hanna Werning and our bed comes from my grandmother’s home.]

Our dinner table is from my parent’s home, they bought it in the ’70s. The chairs are from Kartell. At the kitchen-table there’s some products from HETTA, box for warm bread, wine stocking etc (click here for detail shot).

The small chair we found at the show Maison et Objet Paris, were we met a French couple who made these chairs by hand in Normandie

CLICK HERE for the rest of Hetta’s sneak peek after the jump!


The blanket on the bed is a gift from my grandmother that I got when I was young.



The painting above the sofa (to the right) in the living-room is a self-portrait of me… the other pictures is small memories of the family.



The small chairs in Charlie’s room is also French, you can find them at www.thecollection.fr.

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  • Where are the bookshelves in the bedroom from or are they DIY? I would love to do something like that in my new house.

  • What a great Sneak Peak! I giggled when I saw the character on the wall in the kid room. It was part of a tv show for kids back in the 70s and 80s when I was growing up in France!

  • What a lovely home, and such a great change from the typical pretty D*S home tour! The colors and textures in the space are much more masculine than we tend to see here. I love it!

  • the wall graphic reminds me so much of Harold and the Purple Crayon. amazing…
    this is a beautiful, playful house.

  • that BEDROOM is cosy perfection! i love when houses are able to look lived in but still so chic – the toys and family mementos fit in perfectly with all the great decor and furniture pieces in each shot!

  • lovely home. love the energy of the graphic in the child’s room.

    the link to hetta in the initial paragraph isn’t working for some reason.

  • I’d love to know the source of the candlesticks too. They are beautiful.

  • charming & beautiful. would you mind sharing your source for the light grey/silver storage baskets at the end of the stairs? many thanks.

  • Dear Erika and Patrik,
    Your home is simply stunning! I will definitely check out your wares if they reflect your wonderful house sense. The photographer has done a great job too!
    Like the many commenters above I would love to ask some of your sources too: the chair from Normandy (I live in France), the cool coat rack and the beautiful candlesticks too, please! Not too greedy, I hope ?

  • CRUUUUSSSHH!!! I haven’t even looked at all the photos, but I’m instantly seduced, infatuated, in love even! Now I’m going to go back and devour every last detail of this glorious peek.

  • The bookshelves are DWR I think… they are the “spine” bookcases where the back disappears when they are filled… we have them and get TONS of complements on them. Also, West Elm has a version, but they are not as tall or well-crafted.

  • What is the name of that great Hanna Werning bedroom wallpaper? I can’t seem to find it anywhere online.

  • so refreshing and intimate! adorable kid’s room! i’m trying to remember who that character is on the wall… anyone?

  • ooooohhh I lovvee this! I would love a source on the candle sticks as well! Also the pillow on the couch…

  • i remember that image in the kid’s room from my childhood. he had a funny voice and moved on a line…changed into things…was he from sesame street ? I would love to know too.

  • Thank you so much for all the possitive comments about our home!
    Sorry for not informing you readers of all the pices we have, but some of them I just cant remember the producer of. But here comes some adresses though:
    The bookshelf in our bedroom is called Pilaster from http://www.kallemo.se
    The painting in the livingroom is painted by me… The coathanger right next to the stair are coming from http://www.mazeint.nu and the baskets comes from http://www.serholt.se
    The sofa was bought some years ago at http://www.daviddesign.se
    The blue wallgraphic in Charlies room I have done by my self, in sweden he´s called Linus på Linjen. The small french chair I have forgotten the producer of… But of course I will come back if it comes back!
    The wallpaper in the bedroom comes from http://www.borastapeter.se and is called London.

  • I also wanted to know the source for those candlesticks… so I’m doing a little internet research on my own – in case anyone is interested: they seem to be a lacquered adaptation of those famous mid-century “Rude Osolnik Candlesticks” (Erika: are they made out of turned wood??), maybe that can help by identifying any sources?

    Haven’t found anything more concrete yet, but I’ll do post about if I get any brand/shop names…

    Meanwhile maybe the woodturners/DIY-guys among you can begin with this link: http://www.wgo.ca/newsletters/wgo_newsletter_MAY_2006_rev6.pdf (pages 7 & 8, step-by-step directions on how to make such an “Osolnik candlestick”)…

    I also found a pic showing very similar candle holders in this blog: http://bloesem.blogs.com/bloesem/2008/12/huset.html (the second image about some shelves, that are sold at Huset, so maybe they also sell the candlesticks? Or know any sources?)

    See also: http://www.rudeosolnik.com/

    And, yes, beautiful home!

  • I love the character, please share how you did it! Is it painted or taped? I live in a rented space, so I would love to do something with my kid’s walls that isn’t permanent!
    I also really appreciate your color scheme, and the fact that you can keep such a beautiful couch so clean white with a kid around!

  • Amazing house! Great taste.
    The character on the wall is an Italian cartoon of the 60’s called La Linea by Osvaldo Cavandoli, I ‘m italian and I love it, I recommend you to search it on youtube, It’s too amusing!

  • What a lovely place to call home. Strongly Northern mEuropean..everything I can relate to ( which is just one reason I love it). Stylistically great, inviting , artistic, deliberate but believable. The best part…La Linea!!! I remember him from some of my childhood years in Brussels. Your home makes me smile…Thank You for sharing it.