our wedding: part three

phew! last night was a late night of d*s book work so i’m running a little behind this morning. but i’m so happy to kick things off with a post about the diy elements from our wedding. the martha team did a great slideshow/interview about all the crafty elements of our big day right here, but today, over at the d*s guest blog, i’m posting some of my favorite images of the handmade elements from our wedding, along with explanations of how we made them. there’s info on our stenciled table napkins, fabric escort cards, tea linen ceremony decor, silhouette paper fans (on martha tv yesterday!), paper and button flowers and much, much more. CLICK HERE to check out the full post, all 16 photos and all the ideas over at the d*s guest blog.

*click here for the wedding part 1 post (decor, people, location, dress), and here for the wedding part 2 post (decor, the band and our invites)*


Rachel Dangerfield

Grace, this is honestly one of the loveliest weddings I’ve ever seen. I bet your guests felt so happy and lucky to be there with you. Martha was smart to snatch it up for her magazine!

Absolutely inspiring. Thank you.


So much lovely detail, and the bits of green everywhere are great-the best colour :-)


Hi Grace – I’m wondering if you selected the bare tent frame structure as an aesthetic element or as a practical structure in case of rain. It looks so amazing bare with the chandeliers.


hi mandy!

we chose the tent frame as a backup for the rain, but also because it would hold the chandeliers and their wiring (they were hardwired and plugged in). but when it became clear it wouldn’t rain we chose not to attach the actual tent portion to the frame ;)



Grace your wedding was truly beautiful! Today is my 10th wedding anniversary, and looking at your pics makes me wish I could do it all over again …. oh, how I would change a few of the design aspects … but not the man I am glad to say. Many congratulations to you both. x


Martha just mentioned this on her show the other day! How exciting to see it on TV after following this blog for so long. Congrats!