our wedding: part one

the day has finally come when i’m allowed to talk about our wedding! this morning the fall issue of martha stewart weddings if officially on stands, so if you’d like to pick up a copy and check out their beautiful shots of our special day, it should be in bookstores and magazine shops across the country. the martha team will be posting additional pictures, interviews and information from the vendors, artists and friends involved in our wedding each day this week, so you can click here to check everything out.

but since we were so happy with the way our photos (thanks dorothee and annabel) turned out, i decided to share different pictures here this week, on the d*s guest blog. i know weddings aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, so if you don’t want to read them, feel free to skip the guest blog or scroll on by the morning post linking to them.

today i wanted to kick things off with a post about our wedding location, with lots of pictures of the wedding site, reception spot and a few shots of some design blog folks you might recognize. each day i’ll be focusing on different elements (diy ideas, invites, flowers, food/cake) so if you’re up for a little wedding fun, be sure to check out the guest blog this week.

CLICK HERE for the first full post on our wedding over at the d*s guest blog. [all images by our wonderful photographers, belathee]

Jess Pearson

Your wedding scene is Beautiful (yes, with a capital “B”)!

Sidenote . . . I guess this is the first time I’ve paid attention to a photo of you; as I had assumed you were a blonde for some reason.

perfect bound

How beautiful!! Congratulations Grace. I am headed to a wedding this weekend that will take place in the exact same spot! How sweet!


I’ve been anxiously awaiting the reveal! Even though I got married in August (and thankfully all that planning has ended), I may need to get a copy of the magazine. Congrats again!

Lydia, Clueless Crafter

How fun to get married in a public square! Savannah is a lovely place and how special it is that your married life will be wrapped up in its history, charm and beauty!

Love how the photographers saw the echo in your hair piece with the stylized ironwork on the balcony. Great eye!

katie runnels

Grace! This is so Exciting! You were a divine bride! Amazingly-after all that work- you appear as cool as a cucumber! You make it look too easy! Its no wonder Martha knew a good thing (hehe) when she saw it! xoxo


Grace!! Oh My these pictures are amazing!!! I love the one of you and aaron holding your rings up – congrats again!!


your wedding pictures are sure worth the wait! beautiful..i love the location! thanks for sharing!

Leah P

YAY!!!! I’m glad to finally see these, in my opinion I’m cool with 100% wedding talk all the time.


What a beautiful wedding! This is gorgeous location & the shots are amazing! Congratulations!


GORGEOUS!!!!!! congrats, it looks like it was an amazing event! I’m going to get the mag stat!

Unique Wedding Ideas

The photos look amazing, lovely flowers by the way and a very happy looking couple. The background/ scenery is perfect for these pics. ENjoy being married