our wedding: part one

good morning! i’m so excited to finally be able to share some images from our wedding this past april in savannah. the issue of martha stewart weddings featuring our big day is finally on stands, so this week i’ll be sharing some of our photographs (taken by our photographers, belathee).

aaron and i were married on april 25th, 2009 in savannah georgia. it was one of those days when you feel like things are so perfect you need to pinch yourself to make sure they’re real. the previous week in savannah had been blasted hot (think 95+ with humidity) and we started to get nervous that our guests were going to pass out in all that heat. but the afternoon of the wedding the sun chilled out a bit and we were lucky enough to have a beautiful 75 degree day with just enough sunshine falling through the trees.

we chose to get married in one of savannah’s many public squares. we selected orleans square because it was slightly off the beaten path, had a beautiful fountain and was right across the street from our reception location, the harper fowlkes house. we stumbled upon the harper fowlkes house a year prior to the wedding when we were visiting to consider savannah as a possible wedding location. we both loved the bricked in garden space, and the way the historic home seemed to ooze equal parts “gone with the wind” and “addams family” charm.

at 4pm, we gathered in orleans square for the ceremony, which was officiated by aaron’s childhood friend, joel baden. our ceremony was short and sweet, held under the branches of an old live oak tree.

CLICK HERE for the rest of the post (including details on the dress, shoes, wedding party, ring pillow and more) after the jump!

after we exchanged rings (our ring pillow was made for us by my dear friend, llubav choy-duerr), everyone stayed in the park to enjoy sweet tea and lemonade and snacks from our caterer chef nick mueller (more on food this friday).

the best part of the wedding, aside from marrying aaron, was to be surrounded by all of the people that meant so much to us. our friends and family are spread out across the country so to have them all in one place at the same time was such a rare and special treat. below are more details from our big day. stay tuned tomorrow for details on the decorations, invites, our wedding band, and some special vintage pieces we borrowed to set the scene.

[image above: my dress, by junko yoshioka, the powder blue garter belt worn by all the women in my family]

[image above: bonney women love shoes. my mom’s shoes (jcrew) and my shoes (manolo blahnik) i’m aware i lost my mind when i bought those)]

[image above: my wedding party. from left: mindy, leslie (my new sister-in-law), jennifer, me, julia, and my man of honor, bryan]

[image above: aaron’s wedding party. from left: joel, aaron, dan, richard and chris]

[image above: our families- from left: chris and elaine bonney (my parents), me, ac, ruth and leslie coles (ac’s mom and sister)]

[image above: a little slice of the design blog world. from left: felice and anne (team d*s), lauren (curiosity shop/d*s), victoria from sfgirlbybay, and derek (curiosity shop/d*s)]

[image above: two of the cutest girls at the wedding. from left, zara (joel and gillian’s adorable daughter) and a detail from the lovely amy ruppel‘s tights]

[image above: the harper fowlkes at night]

[images above: last moments from a beautiful night]


absolutely stunning. i just love how honest and simple both of you kept the ceremony and reception details. looking forward to the rest!


SO beautiful! What an amazing romantic wedding. The pictures are stunning. Mazal tov!

style court


First, you are beautiful. The dress and hair are perfect!

Your wedding site combines so many of my favorite things — the old Savannah brick, the Spanish moss. And the photographs just capture it all so well.


Congratulations! These are so beautiful. Your wedding is gorgeous and the pictures are so dreamy. Perfect touch of vintage. I’ve been looking forward to the pics forever, and it was worth it! My favorite is still the last one! I hope you’ve had an incredible first 5 months and I wish you all the best of love, health, peace and happiness for the many many years to come!


Incredibly beautiful, perfect details, such southern beauty (oh that spanish moss!!!!) and very very real- beautiful!


Oh its so fun to se these pictures again and remember what a beautiful and absolutely perfect day that was! We had such a blast. I wish we could do it all again…


thanks for all the sweet comments :)

and julia, it wouldn’t have been possible without you. xo, g


Congrats Grace! You look gorgeous and the pix are to swoon over. I wish you even more happiness to follow.


beautiful! I love when wedding photography catching the full effect of the location and guests. Looks like such a wonderful event–congrats! Dd


Those pictures are amazing…I can’t wait to marry my woman…not sure we’ll be able to have it as beautiful as your marriage, but it’ll be ours and thus be in our image…thanks for sharing!!!


so beautiful! (and i love your mom’s shoes! that bonney women do have fantastic taste!)


The awesome black&white photo of you and Aaron walking down the aisle is my FAVORITE! So great to see you guys in Brooklyn. What a happy surprise!


What a magical wedding! You look stunning, by the way, and the way you two are in the last picture gives me hope, that there is true love out there. Thanks!


You look so pretty. I’m so glad to finally see the pictures. What a gorgeous wedding! Congratulations!!


I love weddings, they make me want to cry and yours was particularly beautiful. I had a “day” wedding myself on a beautiful and hot summer day as well. I’ve been married for 7 years now and belive me I still get very emotional every time I look at my pictures. Congratulations!


Lovely, lovely wedding, Grace! And we love Annabel and Dorothee – they’re as delightful as their photos. :-)


Everything is so gorgeous, Grace! It is so fun to see the photos after following your planning on The Bride’s Guide!


I love Savannah, I lived there for 5 years and wish I would have been lucky enough to get married there but just a little too far for my family to travel. The wedding was beautiful and so were you.


It’s almost embarrassing how much I’ve been looking forward to seeing these pics; I’ve been so curious since reading about you preparing for your wedding earlier this year! They were definitely worth the wait – beautiful, inspiring and clearly filled with love.

katie Stephenson

Grace, these pictures are some of the best wedding photos I’ve seen. The image under the live oak/spanish moss is perfection…there is nothing more to say. How special.


Ah! So pretty! It looks like such a beautiful and charming Southern wedding. I can’t wait to see more!!!


Grace, what a beautiful celebration of your love! I’m so excited to finally see them and I can’t wait to pick up a copy of MSW. So lovely. Thanks for sharing.


everything and everyone looks so gorgeous. what a beautiful day. i was so excited to get my ms weddings in the mail over the weekend and flipped right to your wedding. it’s so you!


wow. everything looks amazing, and YOU look absolutely stunning, Grace!!! Congratulations again and again, looking forward to seeing more this week! So nice to see Victoria here, too! :) xo Hijiri


Gorgeously romantic in all Savannah’s Southern Gothic charm. So beautiful, thanks for sharing your amazing wedding photos will all of us, Grace. I couldn’t wait to pick up the Martha Stewart issue & finally did yesterday! So breathtaking & Cheryl Day did a beauty of a cake for you two! All the best, Marisa


Stunning. I’m so glad you’re finally able to share. Congratulations are long overdue at this point, but….congrats!


So beautiful! You, the dress, the shoes, the trees, the architecture, the photography — my God, the photography! — it almost feels like we are guests there as well. Thank you for sharing, must get out to buy MSW today!

Catherine Michelena

Gorgeous wedding, all the best to you and your new family! By the way, that last black and white photo in front of the ‘One Way’ sign is beautiful… Congratulations!


Gorgeous wedding!

My fiance and I were thinking about getting married in Savannah. How did you go about renting a square for the ceremony?


hi michele!

you just have to call the parks dept and ask for a permit- it’s pretty affordable :)



Congrats Grace, and what beautiful photos! What made you guys decide to have a destination wedding? and- your dress is beautiful, I know you had a difficult time finding a dress (DITTO), what made your final decision?
many many congrats!!!


beautiful! I love the gorgeous oak tree you got married under. so utterly romantic :)


hi redfrizzz

we didn’t feel any strong ties to our hometowns or our current location, so we decided to pick a place that would be a great trip for all our traveling guests. our friends and families are all over the country so they’d be flying regardless ;)



Absolutely stunning, Grace! And so funny because I wore the same shoes as your mom’s from JCrew for my wedding in July. I love them!


thanks everyone!

i have a few favs but they’re all really special to me for different reasons :)


Kelsie @ Sugarcube Press

Grace, What a beautiful wedding! I must agree with you on the shoes…I lost my mind on that detail, too! Love both yours & your Mom’s! And, I think the last photo of you & AC under the sign is oh-so-perfect. :)


Oh my goodness. Everything looks beautiful! I’ve been looking forward to seeing these photos. They don’t disappoint, to be sure!


just beautiful. adore the photo of you two walking under the iron railings. so pretty. savannah is such a neat town. pam


i got the mag already and turned immediately to your pics! awesome. i am so happy you are sharing more here — there aren’t nearly enough in msw!!


Wow, these are stunning and I have to say…Unexpected. I imagined your wedding would be very “untouchable” as Martha weddings so often are.
But from these few beautiful pictures, it is nothing I have ever seen before but also feels very real and emotion-filled. I hope that makes sense. Beautiful. Congratulations!


so beautiful grace! love seeing both your photographer’s and the martha version of your wedding!


the day has come! the pictures are sooo beautiful. love the details and that slightly dark, southern setting. congrats again and again :)

Bargain Bex

Ever since visiting New Orleans twice in my life, I knew, (and know) that one day it will hold my special day with the man I love (whenever I find him and he finds me)

Your wedding (everything about it) was just exquisitely beautiful. Truly breathtaking.



Oh, congratulations again, Grace! It’s been so fun following your wedding, from the engagement, to finally seeing your beautiful pictures.


so glad you shared. i cried. thanks, now i feel like a serious sissy. the picture of you two in front of the one way arrow sign really was the one that choked me all up.


I would have expected nothing less than totally stylish, sophisticated & lovely! Well Done Grace.

Michelle in Chicago

Thanks for sharing! Congratulations to the beautiful and happy couple. May you get old together and enjoy all of life’s wealth.


Lovely photos. Congratulations!

BTW – Addam’s Family has two D’s. The artist was Charles Addams. :)

Julie Wolfson

Wow! I have to say mazel tov all over again! So beautiful.


it’s as beautiful and romantic as i had expected! it’s wonderful to be able to have a peek at your magical day. (love the southern gothic-y vibe) congratulations again!


Oh my! Beautiful! I was married at the Harper Fowlkes House April 2007 and it is honestly the most beautiful time of year in Savannah! Congratulations to you both. Brings back memories. : )


Grace, your wedding is gorgeous! The setting is beautiful and you both look so happy! Amazing details…love the vintage handkerchief invites…I’m sure the whole day must have been just as memorable for your guests as it was for you and AC. Congrats!


Your details are so exquiste. I’m banking so much inspiration! :) Congrats again. – PS, my date is 4/24/2010 – so close !!

Arizona Wedding Photography

Wow, Married under the Live Oak Tree with the moss spun all around….you couldn’t beg, borrow, or steal a better backdrop than that! Congrats to you both, and to your photographer, who obviously captured some great moments and feelings! Love it, thanks for sharing!


Just the perfect mix of vintage, classic and modern! Congratulations, Grace! Can’t wait to pick up my issue of MSW!

Jen Willhite

Wow! So beautiful. Everything is perfect, and you look amazing. Such precious photos. Congratulations! I will definitely grab the magazine!


Wow, this is the most perfect wedding I’ve ever seen. Congrats to you both! Can’t wait to buy the magazine.


This wedding is positively breath-taking. As a fellow vintage-lover [and avid D*S fan], it is difficult to find words to express the extent of just how gorgeous! this looks. Warmest regards and congratulations to you both.


This is beautiful and I love the details and the mood created in the images…it has a wonderful feel …congratulations to you both…


hi grace, what a delightful wedding! congratulations and may this be the official! start of a long and beautiful marriage with plenty of joys.


What a lot of delightful details. I love the black and white photo of the two of you – not just because of the photo finish, I would like it just as much in color. I also adore your mum’s shoes and yours.
May you have as wonderful a life together as my dear husband and I have had since 1957.