our wedding: part four

i’ll keep it real- when it came to our wedding, the area i was most worried about was the flowers. i love savannah with all my heart, but it was tough to find a florist that worked in the style i wanted. i couldn’t afford to fly sarah from saipua down (my dream florist) so i worked with tricia to find someone that understood my love of vines, wildflowers and a mix of things that felt like they’d just been pulled from a garden. no floral balls, no red roses, no tall vases that block guests’ views- i wanted something simple and laid back. so i was thrilled to find julie and her team at garden on the square. julie really embraced our project and created loose, laid back arrangements that combined some of my favorite vines (like red jasmine) with gilded maidenhair fern fronds and a tiny baby feather here and there. the colors were so soft and perfect- it was so much more than i could have hoped for. and the wreath and chair flowers? they were so lush and gorgeous i wanted to drive them home with me- it killed me to not be able to bring them back to new york. they were too beautiful for words. before i get too carried away, i’ll jump into some of the other floral details from our big day. thanks again to julie for her incredible work and to belathee for their beautiful photos.

the table flowers were exactly what i was hoping for- everything felt like a party, but a laid-back, garden party. the tables were covered with burlap table cloths and then topped with 10 different vintage tea linens (found on ebay). julie chose a great mix of vintage bottles and jars from the paris market and brocante to fill will a wide range of flowers, including daffodils, lilacs, pink scotch broom, scabiosa, ranunculus, sea holly, rosemary, and maidenhair ferns.

the funny thing about my bouquet was that i barely got to spend any time with it. it was handed to me right before i walked out and then taken from me right after the ceremony. i had a brief moment to ooh and ahh over it and then- poof!- gone. so i’m really happy i have these photos to remember it by. julie did such a great job. i love the vintage velvet ribbon we used in all the bouquets. the coppery color was so nice against the pale greens and yellows.

CLICK HERE for the rest of the post (including the floral door wreath, chair swag, boutonnieres, bridesmaid bouquets, and floral hair details) and all 15 pictures after the jump!

a lot of people seemed surprised that i didn’t wear a veil for the wedding (i got a few “i’m shocked!” emails) but honestly- it’s not me. every time i tried one on i felt like i was wearing a costume- one that wasn’t exactly cheap. i thought about birdcage veils and all the other popular styles but in the end, i’ve always been a flower girl. so i decided to plunk the biggest, sweetest swelling gardenia bloom in my hair i could find. it was a really special moment when i mom placed it in my hair. then the next morning i woke up thinking “what’s the smell”? and pulled it out of my hair- smooshed from sleep but still smelling so lush.

the mens’ boutonnieres included delphinium, lisianthus buds, geranium foliage, veronica tips, and button ferns. aaron’s is on top, my dad’s is on the bottom right. bottom right image by tara donne for martha stewart weddings

the bridesmaids’ bouquets were all slightly different, but equally sweet. they included scabiosa, ornithogalum, snowberries, lisianthus flowers, and guinea plumage. after the ceremony they were grouped around the base of our cake.

i sent julie pictures of floral chair swag and didn’t give them a second thought. i totally forgot about them until i found our table and had my breath taken away by their lush-ness. good lord they were gorgeous. the peach colors- oh man. if i could drape myself in those every day i would. i would happily accept any jeers of “crazy flower lady!” if i could have these in my life on a daily basis.

last but not least- the wreath. ooooh boy, the wreath. julie knocked my socks off with this one. i wanted to wear it around my neck like a show horse. it was STUNNING. the colors, the depth of colors and textures. there are no words. it welcomed guests into the reception with such a beautiful southern grace. thank you to julie for creating such a beautiful wreath. image directly above and image above right by tara donne for martha stewart weddings.

  1. Welcome Home says:

    So beautiful, it must be lovely to relive the moments through these gorgeous photos. Congratulations!

  2. Those flowers are just GORGEOUS!

    I’m getting married next year and have had the same idea of small glass jars and vases with a pretty and delicate wild flower feel, I was so pleased when my florist wrote down “Relaxed country style” in her notes :)
    It’s so nice to see it works so well.

    Your wedding looks like it was absolutely beautiful!

  3. dee says:

    Very beautiful….
    flowers and photography.

  4. Lydia says:

    I love the lace paired with the natural linen. Now I fully appreciate the aesthetic of the layout of your blog. What a sweet way to tie D*S and your wedding day together.

    1. grace says:

      thanks lydia-

      i realized as i planned things that i was sort of replicating the blog layout a bit without planning to. thankfully aaron was understanding ;)


  5. Susan says:

    your flowers were perfect! i love that you didn’t wear a veil. i got married 10 years ago and i didn’t either. i could totally relate to what your wrote, just wasn’t me either! the swag on your chairs, wow! every detail is just stunning, makes me want to get married again.

  6. Ariana says:

    All gorgeous! A sweet detail that really stuck out for me– falling asleep with the gardenia in your hair. That’s the way to end a magical night!

  7. absolutly beautiful, best of luck
    laura k aiken

  8. Marlene says:

    Love the flowers in the glass jars… and everything else. Beautiful wedding and pictures. Love to see brides with flowers on their hair instead of a veil, sorry but I can’ stand the veil.

  9. julia says:

    you look amazingly gorgeous in those two pictures- esp the b+w… oh and the flowers too.

    1. grace says:

      thanks julia ;)


  10. Ana Jordão says:

    The boutonnieres are beautiful! I love it!

  11. style court says:

    I agree with Julia. The gardenia in the hair, no veil look is my all-time favorite.

  12. jodi says:

    absolutely beautiful! love the chair swags so much. i can see why you wanted to take them home. but really? the little feathers in the bouquets?? ADORE.

  13. Silvia says:

    Gorgeous photos. All about your wedding was so beautiful and romantic. Makes me desire to marry me again…!

  14. heather says:

    Seriously breathtaking. The overall feel of everything is just gorgeous! I love the natural burlap table cloths with the vintage linens. The flowers.. the photography… stunning! Have been waiting to see your pics and they did not disappoint!

  15. Elegant and breath-taking. It’s hard to improve on nature, so why not embrace it? I love your photos. Congratulations–I am newly married myself (almost 8 months now!)

  16. Freck says:

    Julie did such an excellent job with your vision. The flowers turned out truly laid back and beautiful. I also love the back of the reception chairs!! So lovely! I hope this isn’t the last part of the pictures, I want them to keep coming!!

  17. MPH says:

    So many love the idea of veils until they try them on. Your wedding looks so warm, personal and the flowers so fresh, I could almost smell them. You looked amazing – was it surreal to find yourself the subject of such beautiful photographs or that they would be so publicly shared?

  18. the teal halter dress…love the detail.

    swooney swags, and in general, a look that proves the most laid-back and effortless appearance requires hours of planning and attention to detail.


  19. Michelle says:

    when do we get a close up of your dress??

    1. grace says:


      i don’t really have one to be honest, it’s a pretty simple white dress ;)


  20. Chelsea says:

    This is exactly what I’ve wanted for our tablecloths! Yours turned out lovely. Were you able to find burlap table clothes somewhere, or did you make them? I’ve been struggling with how to make burlap work for a round tablecloth.

    1. grace says:

      hi chelsea!

      the rental company that supplied our tables and chairs actually had burlap table clothes!


  21. elissa says:

    beautiful! Thank you so much for posting all of these photos! I’m planning my own wedding right now and I’m almost having inspiration overload. I love every bit of what you’ve done!

  22. Sealicious says:

    Yay! Congrats Grace and AC. There are so many gorgeous elements to your wedding. Thanks so much for sharing, I felt like I got a feel for what it was like to be there :)

  23. robin says:

    what a beautiful wedding, Grace. it seems like the perfect day to keep in your heart for always.

  24. kele says:

    Lovely wedding Grace! I wonder how much your wedding budget was? Every last detail is flawless and I would expect nothing less from a connoisseur of the arts such as yourself.

    1. grace says:

      hi kele

      our budget was pretty modest- we did a lot of things by hand and called in a lot of favors from friends :)


  25. miss liss says:

    These black & white photos of you with the flowers just might be my favorite; love the story about the smooshed gardenia the next morning.

  26. Jo in NZ says:

    Not much more to add, really, to what has already been said about the day! Gorgeous, heartfelt, personal — full of love and spirit. I’ve been hanging out to see the photos and hope there are yet more to come!

  27. Caroline says:

    Wow, Grace seeing all of this in total is really stunning. As someone who hopes a wedding is somewhere in her near future I will definitely be looking back at these for inspiration when my time arrives. All the best :)

  28. dana says:

    wow. all of it amazing.

  29. KJ says:

    I have been poring over all your wedding details…but these are just marvelous! Exquisite! The swags! The wreath! the tiny bottles! the spikes! the clusters! what a gorgeous bloomy event! I can even feel the scent!!thank you so much for posting these!

  30. gaile says:

    beautiful wedding. thanks for sharing it with us. I am wondering, reading this post, what you did with the flowers after? so many flowers have a huge carbon footprint and/or chemical footprint that it’s such a shame they are only used for a brief moment in time but have such a huge environmental impact. Did you donate yours after the wedding?

    1. grace says:


      i believe the flowers were donated (and given to guests and anyone who wanted them). but to be honest our day-of planner took care of all those details. we sourced a lot of local flowers (and everything else) to eliminate importing as much as possible. it was a pretty big festival of local things ;)


  31. Megs says:

    oh my, i am just dying over the little (duck?) FEATHERS in the hand bouquets. GENIUS.

    1. grace says:


      they’re guinea feathers :)


  32. natalia says:

    Oh man, my girlier side is going absolutely bazonkers at all of these glorious wedding details. Beautiful!

    I gotta say, though, after viewing your (killer) wedding playlist I can’t possibly imagine the older relatives enjoying a nice, peaceful reception dinner to the tune of “100 Angry Dwarf And 200 Solemn Faces”. ;)

    1. grace says:


      ha- you’d be surprised! people really got down. though we admittedly had a wedding where admittedly everyone but maybe 15 guests were under 35.


  33. oh my. your flowers are so divine. your taste is impeccable, if only we could all have a little bit of Grace in all of us!

  34. Bargain Bex says:

    the flowers were … spectacularly simple … there’s an oxymoron for you, but it’s true!

    so beautiful … something to look back on and to be immulated if a wedding day of my own should ever come my way …

    truly beautiful, grace :)

  35. Michele says:

    Flowers are so important to me too. Were they a big part of your budget? I’m finding that they are taking most of my budget at this point.

    Also, I totally understand the no veil. I feel awkward in a veil and I don’t think I want one. I feel more confident in my decision after seeing you looking so divine sans veil.

    1. grace says:


      our flowers were about 1/5 of the budget :)


  36. Allie says:

    The idea I had for the flowers at my wedding was pretty much exactly the same. I love that thrown together, just-picked look. Unfortunately, my florist didn’t translate the look quite as well as yours.

  37. I adore the flowers in vintage bottles look! So effortless looking yet so strikingly effective. I am shamelessly borrowing this idea for our wedding tables – I like the idea of less formal arrangements and groupings, and as I am an avid perfumer – I think I shall have to use vintage perfume bottles (or paste vintage perfume labels on to other types of bottles and vases). GORGEOUS. Thank you so much for this idea!

  38. A friend of mine also had a wonderful idea for wedding flowers. Her theme colours were pastels, so ages before the wedding she gave each guest some sweetpea flower seeds with instructions for growing them, and asked that they brings armfulls along to the reception. All the guests decorated the tables and hung swags of the sweetpeas from the poles holding up the canopy over the seating area. Just beautiful, and practically free!

  39. Anna says:

    I love all the flowers you used! Especially that you used a gardenia in your hair! I used a lily in my hair for our wedding :)

  40. gaile says:

    Grace – how very cool that you used local sources for your flowers! (and so much else) thanks for the reply. I will definitely keep local flowers in mind next time I am planning an event. :)

  41. claire says:

    julie and everyone at garden on the square are so wonderful! congrats grace and AC on such a picture perfect day. :)

  42. Fabulous flowers. What amazing colors. Thanks for inspiring!

  43. michelle says:

    was the burlap itchy? i am really interested in doing burlap table clothes but i’m afraid it’s going to be a little rough. where did you get yours from?

    1. grace says:


      it was actually a burlap linen mix so it wasn’t bad :)

      we got it from the event rental company that did the napkins, etc.


  44. Jade says:

    Your wedding was absolutely gorgeous and as mine grows closer I just have to ask where you found the bottles…if you even remember now being old married folk at this point! lol So I’m going to cross my fingers that you still gets messages from this site.

    1. Grace Bonney says:


      we borrowed the bottles from liz demos, who let us borrow props from her (now closed) shop, @home general



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