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new: lonny magazine + sneak peek of our home

by Grace Bonney

this week is full of all sorts of exciting news- and this morning i’m psyched to congratulate michelle and pat on their new online magazine, lonny. it’s been fun to watch their project come together over the past few months, and to drool over the homes that are in this month’s issue. i have a feeling eddie ross and deborah needleman‘s country homes will be everyone’s favorites, but my humble brooklyn apartment is tucked in there as well. i feel a little like a can of bud next to champagne with those two, but i’m honored to be included in lonny’s debut issue.

michelle and patrick both have ties to domino and i’m excited to see a magazine, print or digital, continue on with some of the things that made domino so popular with this demographic. i’m excited to see what they come up with next, but in the meantime you can click here to read the first issue online.


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  • The print in the dining room is fantastic! Love the red, black color scheme with the gray walls.

  • I’m terribly in love with that first picture – the saturation of the colors, the jug of plants, the Obama dish towel, the Russian style plates… beautiful!

  • Don’t sell yourself short, Grace.

    I know a lot of BUD men and some of them are my favorites…CHEERS to you!

  • what happened to cute green bean polka dot sofa?
    also, your new headboard that you made, did you use in conjunction with malm bed from ikea or did you use with a plain bed frame?

    • hi joanna

      the polka dot sofa is in the room with the guitars, but the cats wrecked the arms so it wasn’t shot ;)

      we ditched the malm frame and got a regular standard bed frame, a metal one.


  • Have to echo the above. I am dying over the 1st shot of your kitchen space, and the print in your dining room is HOT. congratulations! your home looks so personal and rich with color and stories.

    also, i just painted my home studio/office the same tomato red as your kitchen and it makes me so happy and awake every time i walk in there. thanks for the inspiration :)

  • Very cool! I miss Domino :(

    I love when I see photos of peoples homes & I recognize art on the walls from Etsy artists!

  • I agree, there’s something so eye-catching about the color harmony in the first photograph. And I was really taken with the dining room too! Well done and so inspiring. I’m in love with the red bamboo style chairs.

  • Does anyone know what the name of the handwritten script typeface is that appears throughout Lonny Magazine? I’ve been looking for a typeface like this for my wedding invitations and I think this one is perfect!

  • I loved your place! And what beautiful photography. You look like a movie still in that one with you on the bed.

    I wish them a lot of luck with this thing and I’ll continue to read it. But funny, I prefer reading a blog to this format. Too much clicking in to see things clearly and then out again. Too much navigating. I think my 40-yr old eyes may be the problem!

  • This magazine is so crisp. Paging through it doesn’t make me feel inundated with too much info, a problem with most magazines.

    Is this a subscription thing? How do I keep up with it? Sorry if that’s a silly ?.

  • I love seeing your apartment, Grace- Nice work! I’m curious that the article mentioned Design*Sponge used to be hosted by Blogger, but no longer. Is that so? If no longer by them, than who? Thanks for sharing!

  • Thanks for introducing us to Lonny. It looks great and I love the way the sources are highlighted in the pictures…

    I enjoyed seeing more of your living space. It’s beautiful, personal and must be so restful to live in.

  • Love the mag! I’m so glad that the Domino style can continue on in spirit.

    Grace, I love your dining area, especially the chairs and the poster, such great colors.

  • you have the type poster i’ve been dying over forever! can you remind me where that is from?

    love this post!

  • The magazine is a visual feast, but the copy editor in me is cringing left and right. ACK! I hope the errors are just a result of working quickly to get this launched in a matter of months and not something we’ll see in future issues.

    Kudos to the Lonny team for creating a really exciting online shelter mag. Definitely bookmarking it!

  • I love your apartment and think you fit right in–with great personal style.

    Excited for Lonny as well.

  • if, in fact, you DID go to william and mary-just have to shout out b/c i also went there and minored in art & art history :)

  • You were NOT the can of bud! I loved seeing your home. Real attainable design done well and with style is always my top pick!

    (Though yes, Eddie’s and Deborah’s spaces were lustworthy as well!)

  • where did you find those bamboo-ish chairs? i have been looking for something similar for a while and think two of those belong in my house!

  • Aaah, your dining room is making me sadder than ever that I didn’t scrape up the nerve (and the cash) to buy those W-S chairs when they were on sale a few years ago… I’ll never be able to make myself buy them full price now, and I doubt they’ll go on sale again! Sigh. Beautiful dining room though. ;)

    • marie

      i may be selling mine in the future if you want a set- email me after the new year if you still want them ;)


  • Yay! I’m so happy to see the horse lamp looking so beautiful in your gorgeous home!! It works wonderfully in its new habitat :-)

  • Grace,

    Thanks for the peek into your house, the introduction to Lonny (which I read in its entirety today, and, most of all, thanks for your blog. I don’t blog and I normally don’t read blogs (same opinion re: 12 year old angst), but a friend of mine introduced me to yours. It’s a really refreshing daily get-away, full of inspiration, beautiful things, and – best of all – nice people. I love that everything I read on here is positive, and the comments are interesting and upbeat too – normally comments sections make me cringe, which is a testament to your audience as well.


  • I really enjoyed this and even thought the ads were tastefully done and you know what? I totally clicked on a few ads because they were interesting and had a link built into them. Awesomeness if you have to do advertising. (which i get, they do).

    This is the first online mag that I like and feel like I can both connect to and learn from. Way to go Lonny!

  • So fun to see you and your beautiful home. I love Lonny too but what I am dying to know is WHERE IN THE WORLD DID YOU GET THAT FANTASTIC TERRARIUM? I can’t tell – is sitting in a wooden bowl or is that part of the jug? SO BEAUTIFUL!

    • hi laurie!

      there’s a link to the terrarium (and most things in my home) on the lonny page :)

      but it’s by a company called roost- they included a link to velocity art and design, but mine came from anthropologie’s website i think, it was a gift from a good friend :)


  • Great online mag! I will totally pay for a subscription if they eventually have a print version.

  • I don’t see a source for the paint colors, especially the grey in the living room and dining room.

    • lori

      for my home? or others? my living room is “sterlin grey” by benjamin moore i think. the dining room is “waynesboro taupe” by benjamin moore. the rest or sourced in my sneak peek from d*s back in 2007


  • Hi Grace. Love your style. Could you please tell me what color/fabric is on your sofa? I am planning to reupholster mine. Also, where did you get that blue cart in your kitchen? Love it.

    • hi robin

      the fabric is from zarin fabrics, it’s just a dark grey linen- i’m afraid i dont have the swatch anymore.

      the kitchen cart is actually a grey metal ikea cart ;)


  • Lovely new magazine! I really enjoyed it and all of it was so inspiring. Now I have a great resource for my interior design fix. :)

    Also, Grace I finally got a hold of the Martha Stewart Fall weddings and was so happy to see your wedding and Savannah featured! My favorite was you and AC with the Spanish moss. :D

  • i was not expecting to see your place so soon after they shot it! i was thinking it’d be in the next issue, but i guess that’s the beauty of online – i’m so used to the incredibly painful slowness of print mags!
    your place looks fantastic and my 2yo son who is obsessed with the ABC wouldn’t let me turn (turn? click?) the page until he’d read out every letter and number on the poster in your dining room! And was mighty upset there was no 10…

  • grace,
    your place is fantastic. so fun to be featured with you. all such good company to be in!
    deborah n

    • thanks deborah- and it goes without saying that the feeling is mutual. if i could camp out and live on your deck i would ;)


  • Grace, my eye keeps wandering to that wonderful F+C bag. Which one is it — not the Bender? Wonderful, warm home from our wonderful, warm home design blogger.

  • A little lightbulb went on in my head when I saw your dish drain rack sitting on a beautiful serving tray. What an easy fix for a kitchen eyesore. I love it!

  • Grace,
    Jaithan and I love your Apartment!! it’s done so well! love the colors and the cat is too cute!
    by the way we love Amy A. who is working with you now.

    • thanks eddie- the feeling is mutual- when i saw the preview of the mag i think pat and michelle thought i was crazy with all my “oooh! zoom in!” squeals on your home shots ;)

      and isn’t amy the best? i feel very lucky to call her a friend and a colleague.


  • I missed the first issue. Could someone email me the pdf of that first issue? (jwkroy@aol.com)

    I have been crying since Domino folded and just found out about Lonny! Checked out the current issue and all I can say is wow!

  • Hi Grace,

    Where did you get that wonderful sailor/sea captain illustration? My dad collects different maritime art (drawings, photos, etc) and would love this one!