new: alyssa ettinger + monika jarg

i couldn’t resist posting these incredible wood and felt rugs from designer monika jarg of tekstiil ruumis. based in estonia, monika designs “carpets of wood” by drilling holes into wood and weaving directly into the surface with fibers. the result is nothing short of stunning. click here to have your socks officially knocked off by more of her work. [thanks to raina for the tip!]


i have a real weakness for milk bottles. i love them filled with farm-fresh milk, or emptied and filled with branches and flowers. so naturally i’m loving alyssa ettinger‘s cast porcelain milk bottles on etsy. these bottles, cast using vintage milk bottles from grandview dairy in brooklyn ny (established in 1901), are a half-pint size and are available for $25. they would look so sweet filled with a fall-inspired bouquet and placed bedside. click here for more info and to buy online…


um..are those rugs for real or am I not awake yet? I can’t believe how much I like them – I’ve never seen anything quite like it. well done!


Interesting, but impractical. I can see bits of dust and lint clinging to the stitchery. How would you easily clean the wood without soaking and damaging the fibers?

Lydia, Clueless Crafter

@tmoore they are totally impractical. I hate when things slowly get dirty before my eyes, especially when they are of this caliber.

The concept would be great on a wall, in lieu of a tapestry.


Wow these floors are so cool! And it’s great to see a fellow Estonian finally making it to D*S!


I love milk bottles too! My boyfriend thinks I’m crazy for wanting to visit all the dairy farms in the state just to buy a bottle of milk from each one. So great for arranging flowers in!


coolest rugs ive ever seen….if i wasnt afraid or breaking a thread i would own that rug…

it looks like they drilled tiny holes in an old wood floors and weaved the threads…just amazing…

From the outside it looks simple to do, But you know its just gotta be extremely difficult.


i really love the idea of drilling holes and puting those line on the wood ~ what a cool design . MARVELLOUS !!!


It does look great, but how on earth would you ever be able to keep the white felt clean? They’d be grey in no time.


Monika’s work is wonderful, I blogged about her too a while ago. Very special and pretty but not very practical.


Yes these carpets are amasing, but her name is written not with a letter, it’s Järg not jarg : )