modern wall mural

when it comes to wall murals, i’m usually a “no, thank you” kinda girl. for some reason they conjure up images of poorly drawn disney characters in children’s rooms and folk art country scenes in my grandma’s house. but when i saw this metallic wall mural from apc at tonky design i was sold. this residential commission on great jones street in manhattan features a shimmering silver graphic pattern that gives a nice sense of visual interest to the wall, without hitting you over the head with an old school “MURAL” vibe. if i had a bright open space like this i would love to have something bold like this on a wide wall. click here to check out more on the project…thanks, apc!



Beautiful! I am looking for something just like that – subtle but with impact – for one very odd wall in my house. I love, love, love this.


im also wondering what medium was used, metallic paint or silver leaf? it’s awesome!


love it–i could definitely see that design translated on a number of mediums (a t-shirt, for example) :)


Hi All,

Thanks for the support! I produced this using a plotter-cut chrome mylar. It is essentially a fancy sign-making material

Check out my website for more info:

-Anthony Clune