living in: edward scissorhands


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As Halloween inches closer, I can’t get Edward Scissorhands off my mind. It’s one of those movies that bewitched me as a kid and still makes me turn to mush. Hands down- the most gentle, imaginative and magical movie ever. I can’t even form proper sentences to describe how wonderful it is. Not like I have to, though. You already know.

[image above, clockwise from top left: doma biker jacket $630,keychain $12, oliver table lamp $895, mannequin hand $21 each, zinc industrial table $2200, riveter’s stool $185, circle bracket $12, cookie cutters $6, birdcage $86]

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The world that genius director Tim Burton creates in Edward Scissorhands is split right down the middle, with both sides as surreal as the other. Edward’s abandoned industrial mansion is as dark and creepy as can be while the neighboring suburbia is a dizzying grid of cookie cutter homes painted in colors Burton described as “sea-foam green, dirty flesh, butter and dirty blue”. Not exactly homey. But beyond the ick factor, Burton injects tenderness and humanity into not only his characters but their environments as well. Having a young Johnny Depp around doesn’t hurt things, either. -amy m.

[image above, clockwise from top left: coal flower lamp $88, calligraphy bed $2498, velvet pouf $32, boxwood topiary $210, moss bunny $9, vintage hedge shears $195, restored telephone $198, pink lipstick $16, Minnie stool $229]


This is my favorite of all the new series on D*S…shortly after reading this column, there is often a quick stop by netflix…keep it coming! Thank you!


This is great! I LOVE this movie and I almost bought it the other day…I may have to go back and pick it up… :-)


THANK YOU! this movie is one of my favorites, too. surreal is definitely the right word – everything looks real but fake at the same time. i love the pastels juxtaposed with the goth.

Anne A Wong

Love It!!! Definitely the fave of the “Living In” column – which is one the best on the site

That old birdcage and lamp are amazing! Great find and thanks for sharing


Oh this is an awesome living-in! I love Edward Scissorhands, so this has to be my favorite so far. This is such a cool series you’re doing.


is the bed from Anthropologie? The original vintage model was on Man Shops Globe the other day.

Carol Jensen

You’ve captured the movie perfectly with your exquisite composition of items both fantastical and gothic!


Amy, I think I love you.

Btw, my friend’s mom lived in the subdivision in Florida where they filmed the movie!


Ohh its perfect! The lipstick, the black lamp, the hedge shears. Absolutely my fave movie this time of year.


YES! Have I mentioned how much I love this series of posts?!

And I think I’d just like to live in Winona Rider.

Megan Leone

This movie has always been an inspiration to me! Thank you for choosing it! And thank you Lucie for the heads up on the Moma exhibit!



whoa!!!! I didn’t know there would be a Tim Burton exhibit at MoMA! his earliest childhood drawing! amazing, can’t wait.

thanks for this! edward scissorhands is one of the most perfect films I can think of.

love this column.


love the bed, saw it on this great show on the Sundance channel called, “Man Shops Globe”- it’s about the buyer for Anthropologie…have you seen it? Totally worth mentioning on your blog, it’s so great to have insight on how unique companies find inspiration!

Lydia, Clueless Crafter

@Lucie Wicker Art
I had the MoMA exhibition on my calendar too! Should be fascinating.

I haven’t seen Edward Scissorhands in ages but think it’s time to revisit it! Thanks.


Grace, I love your blog. Your wedding pictures were beautiful and the before&afters are inspiring.

So, PLEASE, do a “living in” the Sound of Music. Please?


You brought this movie to life in a beautiful & livable way! Love this series you do. So great!


oh- love this! just introduced my daughter to the movie last week; i’d forgotten how good it was. p.s. love the orange phone!

Nicole from mangiavita

this is my favorite movie of ALL time. It is so unique, imaginative and tender. Thanks for capturing it in this creative way – really great job!!! All that’s missing is an ice sculpture!

miss ralph

Love the new “living in” column but please give props to the amazing production designers and in this case the fantastic Bo Welch also P.D on oner cult faves such as Bettlejuice and Joe Versus The Volcano.


I must be the only person in North America not to have seen this movie but it is on my list.
Have you seen The Quiet Man ?
It’s an oldie, 1952, I’d love to see what you could do with it in this column! Maureen O Hara is splendid, not to mention her Irish cottage!


Oh how i love this movie!! I live near the neighborhood where it was filmed, and all the houses are still painted the same its so creepy and lovely at the same time!!


Edward Scissorhands is hands down one of my favourite movies. It just evokes so many strong feelings in me. Great post!


where is the bed from? i don’t think the link is working. it does remind me of the one on “man shops globe.”


I have been in love with Edward Scissorhands from a young age, and I think it really does influence my decor. Love the bed, the black lamp, and the bright colors, but I can’t believe I never thought of the moss bunny! You, Amy M, are a genius.


That bed is like something out of my dreams. It only I had 2grand laying around…it would be mine. Great movie choice, great items, great post :)


im so glad you finally did edward scissorhands, its about time…

such a good pick considering halloween, plus its very design oriented. How can a movie of mostly pastels and bits of black with a christmas ending scene be so perfect for halloween? because its tim burton!
I now want to go redo a guestbedroom in that bed with light pink and seafoam green walls, with that little rabbit sitting on a rusty nightstand, and that cage hanging in the corner…how perfect!….you need to stop doing these posts because I dont have enough rooms in my house to redecorate…


Johnny Depp is actually so handsome it makes me feel a little bit sick.

Allyson at realhoneymoons

Wow, I haven’t seen this movie and years and these photos reminded me how much I love it… and both creepy worlds. Adding it to the Netflix queue as I type. Thanks for an awesome post.


OMG! 1 my many fav movie. use to watched it almost everyday for a month to see Wynona Ryder. :D


Great post! Did you know that some of the TV networks are “premeiring” the movie over the next couple of weeks?


This is a great new section Amy!!! I have a request: The Royal Tenenbaums. The colors and details are so cool in that film, think about it…


Someone really needs to bring back Winona Ryder… and me thinks Tim Burton seems to be the right man!
Oh I second Kate’s wish list of the Incredibles!


I adore this post. I can’t wait for the Tim Burton exhibit at MOMA in NY. This made my morning!