molly mcgrath + pure whyte

molly mcgrath of molly m designs recently launched a collection of lasercut prints that i am really digging. made with paper and bamboo veneer, each design is translated from her jewelry work, which is inspired by geometric and botanical forms. molly’s new prints come in three sizes (4×6, 12×16, and 16×20) and range from $16-$64. i’m loving the smaller pieces- they’d make such lovely cards, too. click here for more information. thanks, molly!


i also wanted to share these simple but lovely hooks from designer kirsty whyte of pure whyte. she recently launched these wooden “limpet wall hooks” at 100% design in september and i’m really loving the unpainted wooden style. i’d love to have a whole series of these in my hallway at different heights. they remind me of rose thorns coming out of the wall. so cool. click here for more info on pure whyte.



The hooks are interesting, but look pretty impractical, even slightly dangerous with that pointed end.


those lasercut prints are gorgeous! im always looking for something to put on my wall-these could be it!


Oohh, those lasercut prints are lovely. Although I admit, my DIY skills are itching to pick up an Xacto knife, some cardstock, and start carving away!


The word “lovely” is becoming a bit overused in both posts and comments. It was quaint and dainty at first, but maybe we should look into some synonyms? I’m guilty of this overuse, too, and it’s just recently started to bother me. Sorry, rant over.