jhill, julia and jennifer

the lovely jen hill just launched her brand new “places i have never been” wall calendar for 2010. the 11×17 calendar features one pattern per month, along with tidbits of information about each never-visited location. you can pick up one of jen’s calendars right here for $28. great work, jen! [photos by elizabeth vaughan]


last week i feel a little behind on email and wasn’t able to announce julia rothman and jennifer judd-mcgee‘s new show “flora and fauna” at nahcotta in new hampshire. after watching this sweet stop-motion video of julia and jennifer drawing on the front of nahcotta’s windows, i was so bummed because it looks like the opening night was wonderful! julia and jennifer are both showcasing beautiful illustrations of flora and fauna at nahcotta through november 1st, so if you’re in town be sure to stop by and check it out in person. if a trip to new hampshire isn’t in your immediate future, you can check out more info on the show right here, julia’s work right here, and jennifer’s work right here.


Treehouse Collective

Bummed I couldn’t make the opening of Flora and Fauna either, but TOTALLY excited that I was able to score Julia’s ‘Yellow Garden’ online! I really appreciated that Nahcotta made the paintings available even before the show opened.

Todd Smith

Nice calendar, Jen! I love your concept. My photography wall calendar can only show you where I’ve been. You can show us where you (and all of us) would love to go! Brilliant. :)