Jane Reiseger’s Yarraville

by Grace Bonney

yarraville map1(2)
[image above by Jane Reiseger]

Melbourne has such an incredible community of super-talented illustrators… Today I would like to share another favorite – Jane Reiseger. Jane’s work is filled with playfulness and child-like innocence – and it takes a very special grown-up to draw with the ease and naivete of a child! Jane’s engaging free-form drawing style lends itself to a wide range of commissions – from printed matter, textiles and soft furnishings, to custom murals and even billboard advertising.


CLICK HERE for Jane’s guide to Yarraville after the jump!

Jane’s Yarraville

Jane lives in Yarraville, a gorgeous little pocket of Melbourne just West of the city. I guess it could be likened to New York’s Brooklyn in a way – it’s just over the Westgate Bridge, so lots of City-centric Melburnians forget just how accessible and how lovely Yarraville is! This relaxed, friendly neighbourhood has a real village atmosphere… It’s leafy and green and is full of great little cafes, organic produce shops and restaurants. It’s really popular with young families looking for a little more room to nest – many of the homes in Yarraville are beautiful Victorian weatherboards surrounded by trees, usually with fantastic big backyards!


placename hausfrau
Haus Frau Bakery is a great cozy home-style bakery on Ballarat street which has really yummy pies. My favourite is the chicken and mushroom. They also do delicious cupcakes. The décor is really cool too.


placename sunbookshop
The Sun Bookshop is split into two shops either side of Ballarat street…the main bookshop is next to the cinema and across the road is their specialist kids bookshop… (http://www.sunbookshop.com/younger_sun.html ) both are very good. It’s great being able to browse in the main bookshop before a movie.

placename sun theatre
The Sun Theatre: I love going to the Sun Theatre, its a boutique cinema and independently run… a Yarraville landmark…art deco in style. Huge cinema screens, large old-fashioned comfy seating….its a local favorite.


placename sedonia
Sedonia: 15 minutes walk from the main part of Yarraville on Gamon street is the cutest home wares shop… I always get inspired every time I visit. They stock lots of local designers wares. I come here for my visual fix.


A huge thanks to Jane for sharing her favorite Yarraville secrets! Do check out her website for more of her lovely work. Jane is represented commercially by the Jacky Winter Group.

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  • She NEEDS to do a children’s book! This illustrations are so pretty – reminds me of the divine Maira Kalman…

  • Thanks Lucy for showcasing my very own hood. Sedonia is a made in melbourne dream… all my favourite little pieces and creators in the one place!

  • Its only been 2 months, but I LOVE living in Yarraville – though I do try to spend not too much time in Haus Frau – a little too tempting! Thanks for the post Lucy.

  • i heart living in yarraville, and those are some of my favorite places as well :D glad to see them shared in such a cute way!

  • Thanks for all the lovely comments guys! :)

    Yes isn’t Jane’s work incredible? I agree about the children’s book! I’m sure it’s only a matter of time!

    Stay tuned for a little peek at Flinders Lane in the Melbourne city centre tomorrow!

  • I have been selling property in yarraville and surronds for a number of years now, and all my buyers have expressed their love of the place and annot think of living anywhere eles. Yes its very colourful and cultural getting better all the time.

  • Wow, here I was checking out my favourite NY blog, glanced the photo of haus frau and thought that looks like another cute NY cafe/deli, but wait a minute thats Yarraville…what a lovely surprise. I live just near Seddonia, it is truly a beautiful place to live, the village is unique…nothing else like it in Melbourne, the cafes and restaurants are the finest and the Sun Theatre is our Art deco landmark and such a delight to visit. Hi to everyone in NY and thanks for the little showcase.

  • How wonderful to see Melbourne featured – I no longer live in the west of Melb near Yarraville but grew up with my Nan living there so know and love it well. My Mum has recently moved to Williamstown, only a stones throw away, so plan to make a visit with her to check out Haus Frau & Sedonia very soon in fact I had lanned to feature Sedonia myself on my blog…Cant wait to see more on Melb – its amazing how much you dont know about your own town sometimes! x B

  • how wonderful to come across some someone on the interweb saying lovely things about the bookshop. thank you!
    the bookshop gang xx