gleena ceramics + weekly wrap up

i’m heading out early to meet with sarah about her portion of the d*s book and check out a mirror i’ve been eying at erie basin for a while. i wanted to end with these gorgeous handmade ceramics from asya palatova of gleena. aran included her as part of her “kitchen favs” roundup and i couldn’t resist sharing her gorgeous work here again. click here for more info on asya’s beautiful work. stay tuned for a new diy video next week- until then, i hope you all have a great weekend. see you monday! images above and below by aran goyoaga.



Thanks for sharing asya palatova’s work. She’s a true artist – her courtesans series is gorgeous.

my favorite and my best

hey grace! not sure if this is coming from your end or mine, but on my computer as of this morning your last blog post is showing up as updated 19 YEARS ago!!


hi jenny

is it still for you? it’s showing up ok for me. we switched from a single server to a cluster of servers last night so there may have been a glitch for a few moments…



I just got my house beautiful today, and I noticed you did a table setting for them! It so cute, I love the hanging christmas balls, I hung about 40 of them from my ceiling over my mantel last year and it looked amazing.

Did you also see at the end of the magazine they stole the idea for their favorite designed movie sets from DS? I thought “HA Design Sponge has been doing this for months!” I knew marie antoinette was a good one, but I never thought about how great the set design was for the Shining.


thanks! i just got mine yesterday and it’s so fun to see everyone’s take on the white china :)



So glad I stumbled on your lovely lovely blog today, it’s always nice to find other blogger out and about on the net!

I must tell you that I like like like your nice blog!

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