entre lineas + kat macleod’s north carlton

good morning! today i’m kicking things off with these beautiful handmade paper lights from margarita and ludwig at mn*ls. this one-off collection was created from handfolded antique books and was shown at a small gallery and then used in a japanese restaurant as decoration. i love the under of working in a home office lit by folded book paper lamps. so stunning. click here for more information on mn*ls and their work.

over at the d*s guest blog, lucy is introducing us to artist kat macleod’s and her favorite spots in melbourne’s north carlton area- click here for the full post!



I want to make my own, but I have this terrible feeling I would get half way through and never finish it. I am also guessing it looks much harder then I think it is…
and these actually light up? how is that even possible?
they are really beautiful though.


These remind me of the Christmas trees that we made out of old Readers’ Digests in Brownie Scouts!

Jane at LavishGiving

oooh, gorgeous! Such beautiful textures – a few years ago I used colored envelopes to make a window display in the stationery boutique I owned – flaps out! It was a huge hit. Oh I miss creating window displays – maybe I can just decorate a wall in my office now to get my paper fix.


My goodness, how strange is it that I just started (and blogged about) giving these wonderful book sculptures a try! Love these as lights!


I love the subtle texture of the display! Creams + black with antique typewriter, so stunning.


I got this idea from a shop in Chicago called Haystack which had a bunch of them on display, they had gotten the idea from Anthropologie, is this where is originated?

Either way, I made a bunch of these for my wedding, they were really easy and a lot of fun! Each one only took me a little over an hour. Just break the cover off and start folding 1 or 2 pages at a time in any pattern you like!


Also, do these actually light up? After making them I don’t think its possible, they are very dense and there is really no place to put a light bulb.

sarah Maddox

kristen do you have any tips on how to make these? Or does anyone else? I love them!

Minerva T. King

Please send info. Any danger of a fire from the light bulbs? Sorry, had to ask!


Thanks for your advice Kristen, just fold pages and indeed you get a very nice object, but a dark one. Even small high-power leds that could feet in the center won’t make your lamp-book shine. It’s really too dense. I think the trick is to cut inside the book in order to accommodate a light bulb, as seems to show a photo entitled “MN*LS@skill to do, comes from doing / spazio xyz, treviso / 12/12/09-10/01/10″ on the site of MN*LS site. I’ll try this soon…