d*s book: final call for submissions

the d*s team and i are hard at work pulling together our very first design*sponge book and are looking for a few NEW entries to round things out. we’ve got more homes than we can shake a stick at (thank you!) but we’d love to add some new before & afters to the mix! we’ve chosen our favorites from the archives, but are looking for great new projects to publish. so, if you’ve got a project that will be finished by the last week in october please shoot me an email with your images RIGHT HERE. we’re excited to see before & afters at all levels, from refinishing projects to gut renos. i can’t wait to see all your hard work in print!

*we also have a few spots left for new diy projects, so feel free to email any home-related diy projects as well!

i also wanted to post these cute new ceramic pharmacy bottles from pigeon toe ceramics- the studio choo gals mentioned them in their post for today and i couldn’t resist. click here for more info and to order ($22-$26 each).


You should really check out the Life in the Fun Lane blog, Holly has the most amazing before and after pieces!


Great idea! I collect milk glass and these pharmacy bottles would mix in perfectly !


Uh-oh. I think I NEED to know what font you used for “Call for Before and After Submissions.” Please help!



blanking on the name- it’s under the “decorative” section of veer.com, like 10 entries down…



Grace, do the pictures need to be a certain quality or, if they were included in the book, will they be shot again? We’d love to send some over of our house gut reno our here in CT….thanks!


Yes! What are those yellow flowers called? I’ve seen them before and love them


Craspedia. My new favorite flower. Just had them in my floral arrangements at my wedding last weekend. Stunning!


Would you be interested in room befores & afters that have been published in a UK magazine (no problem with photographer’s rights)?


Hey there, we are finishing up a really big, cool reno project in our house… but it might not be fully furnished by the end of October (mostly though). Does that matter? Should I just send anyway and see what you think? :)


hi guys

quick note- if you want to accuse someone of copying multiple times, don’t use fake names under the same ip. an ip we can track to your other named comments.



Thanks, grace! That whole website is full of fonts that I love. Thank you for pointing me to it!

Erika - 2byDesign

I’m so looking forward to your book! Sadly, we haven’t done enough work on our home to warrant any great before and after shots, but would you be interested in an office space? More specifically, a conference room turned creative space? Thanks!

elizabeth sarich-harvey

just finishing a project and intalling a Scavolinit KItchen
will be completed next week

Leanne Goeschel

I have no before pictures but just refinished our daughters room into a guest room. Can I send the finished pic? It is pretty cool. LG


Will d*s book be found in asia?? Can’t wait till the book is published.. I like those design in these blog a lot =)

Lauren McKay

I just finished a project this weekend that I can’t wait to send! I’m hoping to get some good shots tonight :)

I’m so glad you’re doing a book – how exciting!