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diy project: erica’s faux porcelain project

by Grace Bonney

this clever faux-pottery project comes from diy queen erica domesek of p.s. i made this. inspired by mid century porcelain from west germany, erica decided to create the look of white porcelain using bottles, cans, spray paint and an elementary school flashback- puffy paint. this is a seriously fun- and simple- project that anyone could tackle on a rainy (or snowy) afternoon. thanks so much to erica for sharing- click here to check out more projects on her site.

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-matte spray paint
-puffy paint
-bottles and cans


1. using your puffy paint, paint on your desired pattern. you can create shapes or stick with a simple line and dot pattern.


2. once your puffy paint has dried, spray paint over your entire can or bottle. let dry and repeat if necessary until you have a smooth, solid coat. let dry and you’re ready to fill with flowers or display them around your home.


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