diy project: erica’s faux porcelain project

this clever faux-pottery project comes from diy queen erica domesek of p.s. i made this. inspired by mid century porcelain from west germany, erica decided to create the look of white porcelain using bottles, cans, spray paint and an elementary school flashback- puffy paint. this is a seriously fun- and simple- project that anyone could tackle on a rainy (or snowy) afternoon. thanks so much to erica for sharing- click here to check out more projects on her site.

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-matte spray paint
-puffy paint
-bottles and cans


1. using your puffy paint, paint on your desired pattern. you can create shapes or stick with a simple line and dot pattern.


2. once your puffy paint has dried, spray paint over your entire can or bottle. let dry and repeat if necessary until you have a smooth, solid coat. let dry and you’re ready to fill with flowers or display them around your home.



Um, I LOVE this. I’m going to save up some Pelligrino and Orangina bottles and do this!


Very cool! And, oh, the memory of “puffy paint,” makes my heart sing…


SO CLEVER! I’m going to do this to a lamp base I’ve been dying to spruce up!


Love this! Do you need to use any kind of special spray paint to make sure it doesn’t chip off the glass?


This is awesome! It also totally inspired one of those “Why didn’t I think of that?” moments. Such a great project.


Love it! Should I try spray painting in my apartment or can you use a different type of paint?

Lydia, Clueless Crafter

ok, this is super fabulous. i was looking at a set of milk glass dishes that had scallops and beads similar to these bottles this weekend. I didn’t want to purchase them just yet cause I have so many dishes.

Can I do this to a display platter or plate? I assume these cannot be eaten off of, right?


I tried this last night and they came out awesome! It was super easy and cheap too!


Amazing!!! I have a couple plain glass vases that I’m going to redo. Thanks for sharing!!!!


I wonder if this can be done to create a look of a hand thrown peice of pottery…these look so good they look like a mold made them..Which I love, but now that you have the puff paint, I wonder if you use enough on it, like gobs and gobs and then run your fingers through it to creat that hand thrown look, then paint it, if it would work….


I was ready to buy these! Oh, the excitement when I realized it was not only a DIY, but best use of puffy paint ever. (HeatherNumber1, puff paint is also called “dimensional fabric paint.” It has a special applicator tip that’s great for dots and dimensional lines. Here’s an example

Jesse Lu

ugh… i want to love this… i really do… but my little potter self finds this soooo threatening. Especially when you can find a lovely hand made piece for affordable prices on sites like etsy and help support working artists. The money spent on a can of spray paint, an old bottle at the thrift store, and some tubes of puffy paint would be near enough to purchase a ‘real’ hand made bud vase.

That said… this is a very clever idea… and if it weren’t being sold as a knock off on micro businesses largely run by creative independent women, i’d be totally down.

I dunno D*S…

this must be the place blog

I love this. When I was in college (and broke of course). My housemate and I would go to garage sales and discount stores and do this with all the nic nacs we would find.
We always had white spray paint on hand….and let me tell you it looked great. Thanks for this, I think I’ going to start doing it again! What you did looks so beautiful. thanks for sharing!!


This is nice! You can create your own set of unique bottles instead of going and buying them! LOVE IT!


Thanks, HeyNowHadley!

And Jesse Lu – I am totally behind supporting independent businesswomen, especially crafters. But don’t forget a lot of them also make a name blogging (including about DIY projects). Luckily there will always be people without the time or skill to do craft projects, ready and willing to buy them from others. But if you see these for sale at Wal-Mart, made in China and costing $2.99, I’ll get angry with you.


This is an amazing idea!!! Great way of creating your own lil vase for the home. Thanks for sharing this!!


anyone have recommendations for matte spraypaint? everything i’ve tried seems to come off glossy.


amazing! white accessories are my favorite because they match everything and they lighten up a room.


i used plastic primer spray paint, which is handy to anyway for spraying plastics and it was matte. usually you can just ask at the store for something matte and they will help you


I’ve been toying with the idea of using white pottery to fill up some built-in shelves in my apartment. But the stuff I like is too expensive to justify buying as “space fillers” … this is the PERFECT solution… Thanks!


I’m ready to make one for my study room! :)

anu: matte spray paint is also known as flat paint. There are gloss, satin, and flat paint. So, flat is what you are looking for. You can find them at Lowe’s for about $3 to 4. Michael’s have them more expensive. I will recommend buying a primer also, because i heard the color sticks to the object longer. :) ENJOY!


HeyNowHadley: THANKS! Your comment just answered a question I’ve been wanting to ask. :)


And I assume the color of the puffy paint does not matter since the spray paint should cover it?

Tarynn Liv Parker

wow! I love this idea! I think its so great! it is good for practicality and budget… I can see this working well for merchandisers (store designers etc. where people arent too “up close” with the objects. Smart!

Erica Domesek

WOW! I’m just now reading all of these amazing comments months later from Grace’s post on my project. Im SO THRILLED everyone loved it. I hope everyones came out fanstastic!!! xx

Lindsey J

I love the look of milk glass, but have always wanted to see it in different colors. I did this over the weekend with a bright blue gloss paint and it looks awesome. great idea!


It was just okay. Sorry to burst anyone’s artistic bubble. Perhaps it was the tip of the puffy paint bottle, but every little circle I squirt on had a peek. It looked like little hundreds of little nipples lol. I tried different pull-away techniques but I still ended up with a point. Any suggestions? I also noticed the painted wanted to head south; especially the dots that were on the underside of the orb-shaped bottle. It certainly was easy enough to create, just not as satisfying as I’d hoped. Truly, if you have suggestions for the two problems, please let me know.

su johnston

What a wonderful idea! Love the elegant results!
I’m going to pass this around at