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diy project: chela’s fabric screen

by Grace Bonney

chela edmunds is textile artist from melbourne, australia. she recently moved into a new apartment in brooklyn, ny and found that her beautiful windows overlooking the park only had enough blind coverage to reach chest-height. in order to let the sun shine through and maintain some privacy she created this simple but chic felted screen. she was kind enough to share her full project steps with us today, so if you’re looking to let light into your home and maintain a little bit of privacy, this diy is just the ticket. thanks again to chela for sharing her felt screen with us!

CLICK HERE for the full project after the jump!



Measuring tape/ rule
soft lead pencil or dressmakers chalk
template for the circle (I used a tea canister)
sharp scissors
a sewing machine
felt fabric (measured to the width and length of the window)


* Measure your window, width and height.

* Use felt fabric. The piece of felt should be long and wide enough to cover the whole window. It is important to use felt as it will not fray at the edges.

* Using you circular template and soft lead pencil, trace circles side by side to cover the whole piece of felt.

* cut out the circles using a sharp pair of scissors. This will take a long time (it took me 3 hours) but its very meditative so enjoy it!

* Sew the circles in rows stitching straight through the centre, one after the other in a continuous line for the width size. For my window this was 11 circles but it will vary for you window and template size, so measuring is important.

* Finally sew all the rows together to make the height of the window and form a grid. This took me 25 rows of circles but again will depend on your window.

* Simply hang the screen with drawing pins and voila!


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