before & after: yellow love

today’s final before & afters (stay tuned for a new we like it wild next at 1pm!) are all about sunshine yellow. the first project belongs to michelle of three men and a lady- michelle found this dresser on craigslist and updated it with paint, new hardware (love her choice) and a lamp she repainted as well. michelle is always full of crafty projects- stay tuned for a few of hers in the d*s book next year. thanks, michelle!

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CLICK HERE for lauren’s yellow dresser makeover after the jump!

our second yellow makeover comes from d*s reader lauren in boston. over the past year, lauren and her friend have been refurbishing old, sad furniture that they find on curbs or craigslist. boston, being so heavily student-populated, lends itself to a wave of curbside furniture each september. lauren explains, “if you’ve never experienced 9/1 in boston… all i can say is picture u-hauls double parked on every street imaginable, and discarded furniture lining the sidewalks in piles.” taking advantage of the great student-furniture-purge of september, lauren picked up this great piece and gave it new life with bright yellow paint and a matching yellow mirror. great work, lauren!



These are adorable. Something about furniture in fun colors really perks me up. I think I may need a yellow dresser soon.

Nicole (Three By Sea)

I’m lovin’ that 2nd dresser. The yellow is a perfect balance of bright but subdued, and I love the lines of the dresser itself.
I used to have a bad habit of taking everyone’s throwaways and repainting/staining them. Never mind the fact I lived in a VERY small studio apt at the time!


i love the hardware on the first dresser as well. Any idea where she got it?


Fantastic, Bold and stunning result. Just the dose of colour needed on this chilly day!

Catherine V

I love these, esp. the first dresser. I do wonder, though, if they do any sanding, etc. before painting. In my limited experience of repainting thrift finds, much of the furniture has a laminate-like coating or very thick varnish that paint doesn’t stick well to. Would love to know what they did to remedy that.


I love both the dressers for different reasons, but It’s especially clever to use the dresser+ mirror combo in a kitchen area for storage (love the canisters and scale) and letting the mirror open up a space..


Love the first one. Very nice. Too bad my roomie hates yellow (some sort of bad association with it). I love the wall color in the first one too – it’s almost exactly what I was thinking of doing my bedroom in. If Michelle is out there, what color is that? Thanks!


Both of these are fantastic. I’d love to know where michelle found the artwork above the dresser.


Catherine, a good sanding and a primer work wonders.

I love both of these before and afters save for the hardware on the first one. The drawer pulls just seem too dinky to me for the size of the drawers. Maybe it looks better in person, but I would have preferred more substantial hardware on that piece myself.

Claire Bock

I really love the top dresser with the new handles! The second dresser looks so good with the turquoise on top!
I also would love some tips on how to re-finish a laminate dresser. Are there any spray paints that stick better than others?


I adore them both, especially the second one, especially if it’s really being used as a kitchen/pantry piece!


The yellow is just fantastic! The knobs on the first one are great, do they extend out and act more like a pull? Great before and after, what a difference!


Wow, these were both great, but I would LOVE to know where the Joshua Tree art is from on the first re-design. Anyone? It’s amazing!


Okay, Joshua tree art question answered. She made it herself!! Darn creative folks, going around making their own awesome things…lol (link to her blog post about it if you click on my name)


Oh, wow, I never would have thought to paint either dresser yellow, but they both look great!


I love the joshua tree painting too! Looks like I’ve just found my newest project :)


I’m so glad I’m not the only one who likes yellow! I really like the second dresser.

I live in a very rental-centric area, and haven’t bought furniture in a few years because I keep finding great stuff from past residents. I just found a glider rocking chair that’s just begging for a bright makeover!


Fantastic!! I love the shade of yellow.
Can you tell me if you spayed or brushed and what the color is. Also, is it satin, flat or gloss?


LOVE the art piece as well.
Also a weekend project for me.
Nicely done.


love both!

can any one tell me – what is the make/name of the beautiful grey paint in the first B&E?


thank you for all the wonderful comments! i must add, my “friend” nick deserves just as much credit for our yellow dresser as i do :) he was the one who picked the yellow. it is a behr paint called “wildflower honey” in semi-gloss.


Interesting that people like the new hardware in the first makeover. For scale and balance I think it would have been much better with the original hardware, perhaps painted a contrasting color …this is a LOVELY use of the yellows though.


I saw a painting done like the Joshua tree in the last Pottery Barn catalog (except it was a horse). Any chance you had the idea from there because I was actually already gathering wood to do the same!


I was giggling when I read Lauren’s explanation of Sept 1 in Boston…I also got a couple new pieces in Boston, on Sept 1 from the side of the road that are waiting to be refinished! Thanks for the inspiration, ladies!!

Cat W.

Love the yellow. I bought the yellow Hemnes dresser from Ikea a couple of months ago, and now I absolutely need some more yellow in my life!

Kate C.

Love, love, love the first dresser. I have a mid-century dresser that I’m using for a sideboard that would look amazing in that color. Any chance I could get the paint name? Great work!


The first dresser is absolutely gorgeous! Those pulls take it to the next level. Absolutely fabulous.


Wow, that yellow dresser is almost identical to the one I have. Though the yellow is because the old white paint has yellowed with age, and it has handpainted flowers on the front. I’ve been toying with repainting them a soft sage green and changing the hardware but I can’t decide if I want to lose the handpainted design.


Awesome job Michelle! I wish I had just an ounce of her creativity and talent. Or that she lived next door and would decorate for me!


My mom & dad still have the complete bedroom set of the ‘brown-turned-sunshine yellow’ furniture.

King bed, this exact dresser plus the mirror and 2 night tables.

I’m inspired to sneak into their house & go paint wild!


I would love to know what the paint brand is ? Suggestions, anyone ?

It looks kinda glossy…

Love it.

Michelle Hinckley

Wowweeee! Thanks for all the love. Here’s the low down on my dresser (the first one). I didn’t sand the dresser. Only primer and paint. I sprayed it with a spray gun attachment that connects to my air compressor. The color is a result of mixing, thinning, adding, so sadly I have no clue what the true color is. I do know it is a Behr brand, eggshell. Best color match I can suggest is Bee a Friend by Disney at HomeDepot. Wall colors are: Granite Grey (Glidden) and Evening Hush (Behr). Hardware is from Hope that helps. Check me out at: for more info. Thanks again!


i love ‘em both, especially the first one. the classic lines and contemporary color makes it very modern and elegant!


Love the turquoise canisters. I’m addicted to that color. Where are they from?


My mom has the dresser (*before yellow love) I doubt she would ever paint it!


Love the painting. The bold paint colors really highlight and show off the beautiful hardware! Great job.