before and after

before & after: will’s nightstand + wendren’s ladder

by Grace Bonney

this nightstand before & after comes from will means, an artist and woodworker from salem, massachusetts. will found this antique nightstand at todd farm (an outdoor flea market in rowley, mass) for twenty-five dollars. first will stripped it down the nightstand and re-stained it. next, he drew his design and transferred it to a frisket, and applied to the nightstand. afterward that he painted and then lacquered the finished piece. will explained that this technique is, “a unique method which allows me to introduce color and a modern feel, while still showcasing the wood and the original integrity of the piece”. all of the hardware on the nightstand is original and restored and the drawers are lined in mustard-yellow felt. great work, will!

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CLICK HERE for wendren’s ladder upgrade after the jump!

last but not least, wendren of the wren at etsy updated this ladder to create a display prop for her work. it’s such a simple idea, but a great one for any artists or stores looking for ways to display goods. wendren built the little drawer/shelves by hand, but you could even consider using pre-made wooden letter inboxes from ikea or the container store for the same effect. thanks for sharing, wendren!

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