before & after: maggie’s window + misty’s dresser

today’s third before & after comes from letterpress artist maggie sage in tampa, florida. a design team was coming to her studio for a visit so she needed a way to display some of her stationery work. so she headed to local antique store to hunt for a frame and came home with an old, beat up window. she painted the frame blue and painted the glass with magnetic paint. then she had her roommate create magnets for the display board. and ta-da: a brand new way to display work out of an old window frame. thanks for sharing, maggie!

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CLICK HERE for misty’s dresser makeover after the jump!

this makeover comes from d*s reader misty in greenwood, indiana. misty updated her dresser with bold bird-patterned wallpaper from julia rothman. great work, misty!



the window frame looks amazing with the black magnetic paint!! i love how everything about the window was used..including the glass

and the print for the dresser is beautiful


I actually just did my own dresser makeover AND a window message board last month! I did the whiteboard thing with my window. I also used a coffee bag instead of fabric for the back. It’s a bit more rustic feeling. (
I love how maggie used a string and clips to hang cards though! I’ve never bought wallpaper. Can you buy small amounts like that? I would love to cover the top of my coffee table with some cool wallpaper. Does anyone have any recommendations?


Yes — Misty how did you attach the wallpaper? Modge podge? The paper is just beautiful.

Sarah Shaw

This is a great use of magnetic paint! I just painted a wall inside my house with magnetic paint. It’s fabulous!


I love this idea for a bulletin board! I was wondering what I could do that wasn’t the same ‘ol – very cool.


I love both, but especially the frame. I wonder if you could alternate squares with chalk paint and magnetic paint. I think this is my next project. I have two old windows like this :o) Great job!


I get giddy for all Before and Afters;but,this one just solved my dilemma of what to do with the dining hutch I cant bring myself to give away because it was the first New furniture I ever purchased many yrs ago. Not only is this lovely it is incredibly clever and functional!
I Thank You for sharing this!!


HI! I’m so glad that my dresser is such a hit! :-)

Yes, I used mod podge to glue it to the dresser, then also sealed it with mod podge as well. It was pretty simple:

sand the dresser
remove knobs, sand drawers
paint dresser white
glue wallpaper to the face of the drawers
seal it
Poly the entire thing for extra protection
install new knobs!

Yes, you can buy wallpaper by the yard at some websites. I LOVE Julia Rothman wallpapers as well as Fern wallpapers!


Great idea! This could possibly also be made into a wardrobe with some hooks. I should try this.

Eileen 2

I ordered a sample of that Hygge bird & cloud wallpaper in blue. Gorgeous! Vibrant! They are in San Francisco, I’m in Missouri, yet that sample was at my door in 4 days. The blue on their web site looks teal but the sample is a darker blue, not quite navy.

Amy Martin

That is so cute! gotta love the technology available these days to help us extend our creativity. Magnetic paint?? who would have ever imagined


LOVE LOVE LOVE the window board. I have been looking for something like this for my kitchen and haven’t been satisfied with any of the blah, utilitarian stuff I’ve seen. This is perfect! Great job, Maggie!


Looks inspired by Marcel Duchamp’s sculpture “Fresh Widow”. On purpose?

Raven Antonia-Marie

This is the first comment I am leaving, and these two pieces are the ones to get it. Beautiful ideas, and well done, on their execution. I will never look at old window panes as just table tops or picture frames.