xenia taler + portand soapbox derby

good morning! i hope today’s first post finds you all rested after a long holiday weekend. i spent most of mine cleaning the house (and purging old clothes on ebay) and watching movies, so today i’m ready to go. i wanted to kick off the morning with two pieces that represent two totally different sides of the design spectrum.

first up- xenia taler’s cards and notebooks for barnes and noble. barnes and noble has been working with some of my favorite people lately (scad‘s working class studio program, jonathan adler) and i’m glad to see them add ceramic tile artist xenia taler to the list. some of xenia’s tile designs have been turned into sweet affordable note card sets and journals, most of which are under, or just slightly over $10. click here to view the full collection.

next up- a seriously cool soapbox derby bike that won a trophy for best engineering in last week’s portland soapbox derby. designer charley wheelock made a functioning soapbox “motorcycle” out of wine barrels and bicycle tires. as if that wasn’t awesome enough, he managed to make the final product look down right beautiful (i love the number 33 on the side). maybe not flowers and fancy furniture beautiful, but badass soapbox beautiful. click here to read more about charley’s process and check out

**ps: due to the short week there won’t be a d*s guest blogger this week. but stay tuned for a new blogger next monday**

Roxanne Lasky

So many wonderful ideas and so little time. I love bird prints and just plain inspired use of ordinary things.
Bravo to the artists!


Those notebooks are precious!
I am a huge fan of Jonathan Adler and i have a bunch of friends that attended SCAD, so i just love that concept!


We have Xenia Talers beautiful tiles in The Clay Studio Shop and everyone loves them. I am fond of the two tile dachshund (hotdog). Any way, glad you like these fantastic tiles too!


Those notebooks are adorable! The redbull soapbox event is coming to Los Angeles soon- I’m excited to see the designs! (not sure it they’ll be this well designed or not!)


The bike reminded me instantly of Batman’s (The Dark Knight) amazing motorcycle that morphs from his equally sweet car. Very cool.


Those birds have me whistling the tune to The Partridge Family… Very cute…


I absolutely love Xenia Taler’s unique tiles and other clay pieces. they are so bright and cheerful. We have some of her pieces at Happy here in Los Angeles and people love them! I’m glad to see you like these pieces too!