sprout hooks + houndstooth

good morning! i wanted to start out today with a new design from downstairs studio. the sprout bookshelf hook is a clever little hook that uses the weight of books to hold it in place. i’m shoving things onto the tiny ledge of our bookcase so something like this would let me hold things in place much more easily. and for an office shelf? even more convenient. downstairs studio is currently showing the shelf hooks at CODE09 with the designboom mart in copenhagen- if you’re in town be sure to check them out. thanks, karen!

and over at the d*s guest blog caroline has a beautiful post on decorating with houndstooth. click here to check it out!


I just found your blog through Bryn and i love it so far! I have to keep reading and catch up, but you have some fabulous things here and i’m excited to keep checking in.

I love that shelf and will scope one out for my nursery!


This one made me laugh! My husband has boxer shorts made out of that same fabric and I thought they looked like his underwear wadded up on sticks. Love your blog!!!