sneak peek: lisa congdon {studio}


in the past we’ve visit the kitchen of the talented lisa congdon (literally and with a recipe), but today we have a very special look into where all the magic happens: her studio. the wonderful old brick building located near 18th and york in san francisco serves as the work space for lisa and her friend jamie, another artist friend (only lisa’s space is pictured here). skylights span half the ceiling, making vast amounts of natural light, especially in the late afternoon.  lisa says, “i always love being here, mostly because it is so peaceful; I can sit and paint, while I listen to npr or music, surrounded by my weird collections, the books I use for inspiration and lots of color.” click here for lisa’s latest work, and here to see larger and a few additional images of the space). enjoy! {thanks, lisa!} -anne



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I think this is great partly because of the fluorescent colors and partly because there are so many compelling subjects of interest on display. I like it a lot.


I love the natural light -vs- her fluorescent work… especially the dayglo-halo portraits! Great art in an amazing space: perfect.

Duk Design

beautiful studio, the brick and raw flooring work so well with the florescent colors. Great illustration work as well!


I love getting to look into other artist’s studio’s. It get my creative juices going, to see that I am not the only one that has inspiration all around.

Liana Kabel

Since I’m leaving my current studio soon and on the lookout for a new one, a peek at Lisa’s has given me a few ideas for what to look for. Lots of light and lots of colour.


What a terrific space. I love the single deer antler – it looks so forlorn in such a vibrant space, but somehow still optimistic :)


I love all those pops of color. What a wonderful collections of unique pieces!

Keep up the Sneak Peeks, your posts are a huge source of design inspiration (and occasional envy!). :)


Color, color everywhere. I do love those laid out tools and white-washed bricks. Thank you. It is lovely.


Love this! Is there a way to share this on facebook? All my artist friends with studios would like this too.

Hi from Holland

I love all the art. Am especially intrigued by the postcard with that little girl on the left (eighth picture). Where is it from, who is it by? :-)


This is exactly the kid of adjustable work table I have been looking for! Is there someone selling these? Thanks


@Hi from Holland, the postcard with the little girl on the left is by Yoshitomo Nara.

Love this sneak peak by the way!


@ Lois, The table looks like it’s from Ikea.

There tables allow you to mix-n-match table tops and legs.


I love those shelves – so shallow and PERFECT. Are they from CB2? I’ve been looking for shelves like that for ages and can’t find the perfect ones. Please let me know!


I love to see where the magic happens. What a light and colored filled studio. Definitely a place of inspiration.

Faith Pratt

Just discovered you in today’s NY Times Magazine. I have zero art-sense, but fell in love with those neat little arrangements, perhaps the “tidy-ness” of it all.
Thank you.

Dawn Larson

I feel comfortable looking at these pictures, pretending that its my space.