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sneak peek: kelly teasley

by anne

hello, color! welcome to the atlanta home of kelly teasley, co-owner of young blood gallery & boutique and animal lover extraordinaire. kelly was a painting major in college (perhaps that’s where the color-inspiration comes from!) and has always been drawn to the south for its general warmth, odd traditions and humid summer days. as a child she was an avid collector of knick-knacks, but has pared down over the years. she loves antiques, a quality she picked up from her mother, and at the same time loves a mix of styles. young blood gallery & boutique first grew out of frustrations with the lack of gallery spaces for new artists in atlanta, so kelly would open up her home for shows until they opened the gallery in 2002 across the street from her home. young blood has since moved to its current location, but i love the story of how it came to be. you can check out the full-sized images of kelly’s home right here. {thanks, kelly!}anne

p.s. the paint colors are listed at the end of the post!!

[above: I bought my 1920’s bungalow in 2002. It had to be stripped down to the bone, and I was lucky to find a neighborhood architect that was able to keep the historic accuracy of the house but also giving it a modern twist (as you will see in the upstairs). I decided that I wanted to strip all of  the molding in the house to it’s natural state. I only made it through the living room and ended up hiring someone to do the fireplaces. So this room is the only room with the natural wood exposed. The floor in the downstairs portion of the house is also original. I go through a lot of couches having animals [kelly is involved in animal rescue!] so my current one is from IKEA, and I love the print and the washable cushion covers. Having Owned an art gallery for so many years, I have quite a large collection of artwork. In the corner of this room is a David hale (wood) and Abbey Glassenberg piece (bird)  from a show we had a the gallery.The other pieces are by John Simmons (fractel) and Ben Baumgartner (wrestlers). The pieces on the mantel are from various local potters, Kevin Taylor (close) and the photo (Paper Heart Designs). The Chihuhua on the couch is Brownie my foster dog.]

I was lucky enough to be able to include the dining room and kitchen into one big open space, it makes my house look a lot bigger than it is and allows friends to keep me company while I cook dinner. The two toned green in kitchen was an experiment and turned out great! And matches the green/white tile on the back splash. The sink was rescued from an old farm house. My kitchen table and chairs are vintage that I got at a flea market (bulldog is Frances).

This room I used for spend the night guests (human and animal). I like to have colored themed rooms (this being the pink room) the bed was vintage and white washed with added pink trim. This room also houses a lot of the photography I own including the shelf in the corner that houses my collection of vintage cameras.

CLICK HERE for the rest of Kelly’s sneak peek after the jump!

Again color themed room heh heh. The claw foot tub was original to the house and I had it reglazed and painted blue on the bottom to match the tile. The stained glass window was purchased at an auction.

I just finished the upstairs only a year or so ago. It was raw before and housed my studio- I moved my studio downstairs and created a master bed/bath upstairs. This is the most modern part of the house and I took advantage of the cool angles upstairs and painted them various colors to accent them. All of the colors came actually from one chair in the room (right hand corner of the room) also vintage. My bed is from Ikea. I had the window seat custom built with pull out drawers to house my sheets. (Ranger is modeling the bed)

The upstairs bath leads in from the bedroom. I put glass block in one of the walls to help keep some sunlight in that room. The chandelier is vintage but the sinks/shower/toilet are all from Kohler.

This stairs case was added into to the house so that I could create a living space upstairs. We created a wide stairs so people could sit on them when visiting. The larger piece on the wall (portrait) was done by Ryan Lincicome, who also installed my tile in the downstairs bathroom and kitchen.




Every southern home has to have a rocking chair and blue porch ceiling ( to keep away bad spirits-so they say)

PAINT COLORS (all by Sherwin Williams)

Upstairs (bed room/bath)
obstinate orange (bed room)-semi
reflecting pool (blue in bathroom)-semi
plymouth green (bed room)-semi
quarter sawn oak (bed room)-flat

blues in bathroom and living room custom
(SW-B1black 1/64)
(G2 new green 1/64, 2/32 )
(N1 Raw Umber 1/63)

kitchen greens
Ace Fir Crest (Ceiling)
Walls-in a can of Extra white
new green (6/32, 1/128)
yellow (13/32-1/64)
deep gold (13/32-1/128)

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  • This is such a sympathetic modernization of an older home,
    and I love the use of color and artworks in these rooms. I have some similar colors and I feel they work so well with the special quality of the light in the South…
    The porch is great too. After the modern feel of the interior, it is a special surprise!

  • Beautiful use of color, Kelly! Can you confirm the paint color in your “pink room”? Is that the Obstinate Orange you listed? Does it really look as Post-It Note Fabulous as in the photo?

  • finally… COLOR! thank you, thank you, thank you! Cheerful and homey. I love it!

    I’m also a big fan of your puppas ;)

  • I live in Atlanta too! I have an old house but much smaller than yours…your house is awesome-love the wide stairs! Great for guest to sit during house parties or a good place to tie your shoes. Your upstairs batroom Mirror…vintage or new? If new what brand. The style is right for my post war cottage.

  • I am in love with all the colors used in this house – they’re just so cheery you can’t help but smile (throwing in a few cute puppies didn’t hurt either)

  • The personality that oozes from the color and artwork choices is amazing. The house seems full of life, a true home. So lovely!

  • Love the comfortable vibe that this house gives off. The colors work so well with the space. The cut dogs don’t hurt either.

  • Where is the upstairs bathroom mirror from? What color is the pink from the pink room? What is the blue of the upstairs bathroom?

  • Such an inviting home! I nearly fell over when I saw the first bathroom. I had no idea so much teal could look so beautiful!

  • I LOVE this house! It must have been really difficult to paint the ceilings those saturated colors, but the result is awesome!

  • Okay, this just sealed the deal. So random…this boutique just contacted me about selling my jewelry—I just fell head over heels with her style!! I’d be an idiot to pass up this opportunity.

    Thanks for the great post!

  • Hey guys will look for the pink. It was one of the first rooms I painted years ago so may not have the swatch still.. if you click at the top where it says to look here for larger photos. it goes to a flickr page with more images and you can see the chihuahua some of you were asking about..

  • ps Ranger is an English Setter and sorry the mirror in the upstairs bathroom is vintage.

  • oh wait!! I see which mirror you are talking about.. I do have a round mirror that is vintage in that bathroom but the one above the sink is also made by Kohler-it’s like a medicine cabinet-came with those side pieces of mirror that stick right on the wall. I got it at “city plumbing” in gainesville Ga

  • yes..the medicine cabinet…sorry I did not clarify. Thanks for the retailer info..I will look it up.

  • A cool pad for the world’s coolest girl! Your eye for art and colors and textures is to die for; it makes me want to come to Youngblood Gallery right now and have you pick some amazing pieces for me!

  • I was lucky enough to live in the pink room for a few months. I had to move out before my husband and dog broke or ate any more antiques. Ha ha.
    Not only is Kelly an amazing artist and designer, she’s a really really really great friend.
    Congrats Kelly, awesome article for an awesome house and an awesome lady. Seriously, come decorate my house!!!!

  • The tile in the bathroom is so amazing!! This is a beautiful house, I’m so glad to see so much color as well!! What a wonderful gallery and boutique she has too. Love it!!

  • Wow! I’ve been to this house! Kelly is a lovely girl with sweet dogs, great friends, an awesome gallery, and a beautiful, beautiful house! So cool.

  • LOVE this space and LOVE even more the pit bull mix in the kitchen scene! Reminds me of my Bella!!!!!