sneak peek: jean pelle

i am so excited to share this sneak peek! architect turned designer jean pelle as been on our radar since she introduced her line of hand-turned, candleholders with gold-leaf detailing on her etsy store last september. however, it was her bubble chandelier for readymade magazine that really blew my mind! (i still want to do that project!) jean has a fascinating background – born in south korea, grew up in los angeles, berkeley architecture b.a. and a master’s degree from yale in architecture. she worked as a lead designer for an architectural firm in mumbai, india before opening her own design studio in 2008.  her attention to detail is evident throughout her apartment where somehow jean and her husband have made their 550 sq. foot brooklyn apartment feel spacious and roomy! [thanks, jean!] – amy a.

[My favorite color for a sunlit room is a bright white. I tend to think that if a room gets little or no direct sunlight, it’s better off being painted a very dark color (like our bedroom).  The sofa was purchased at a floor sample sale from Ligne Roset. I fell in love with its color and we thought it’s small size would work  well for the size of the living room (our place looks bigger in these photos than in real life!)]

The black chair is an original H.J. Wegner that I picked up for free next to Pailey Park in NYC. I was with 2 other friends at the time and they each got one as well.


Our dining table was purchased from Sterling Place on Atlantic Ave, the dining chairs are refinished original Jacobsen chairs, and the light above is the Bubble Chandelier I created for Readymade Magazine earlier this year.

CLICK HERE for the rest of jean’s peek (and all the images on one page) after the jump!

The bench is a flea market find and the collection of artwork on the wall are models/photos by my husband and watercolor paintings by me. The glass lamp is from Artemide.
Our bedroom is the brooding, darker brother to our living room. The lamps and bookshelves are from Ikea.  The illuminated vertical piece of furniture is a vanity table I built during grad school… it is missing the mirror that is to be placed in front of the light panel.
My husband and I love artwork and being surrounded by it.  Most of the wall hangings are photographs from our wedding and a mish mash of artwork by me.  Perhaps in the future we could slowly replace these with some lovely paintings by artists we admire.

Lydia, Clueless Crafter

There is something so hauntingly alluring about that old, defunct fireplace juxtaposed with the flame-red, modern couch.

So many B’lyn brownstones have these ghosts. I am reminded of British artist Rachel Whiteread’s “Ghost,” (1990) an interior plaster cast of a Victorian home.


I like the great mix of decor in this space, nice furniture too! Love Jean’s DORIT candleholders.
p.s. Amy, the ‘click here’ link says page I’m looking for is not found but the ‘read more’ link works great, just letting you know…


I may be wrong, but that looks like a Florence Knoll credenza to me. It’s very nice. It’s great to see it in white rather than teak.

Love the Artemide lamp.

It’s so lovely that there is a bank of windows right next to the dining table. Must be so nice to enjoy breakfast/coffee there in the morning.


That Ligne Roset sofa is amazing! I agree with Jody, the balance between new and old throughout is perfect.


Beautiful! I love the tufted bench and the credenza. That bedroom looks so cozy. What is the paint color?


Lovely house. Love the chandelier, we actually made it a few weeks ago and its great. What’s not so great is the transition to the ceiling, which it looks like you’ve worked out better. What did you use?

jean pelle

Hi and thanks for the compliments! To answer your questions:
-The bedroom paint is called Rugged Suede by Valspar. (I have to mention that it’s a bit darker than in the photo).
-The marble top credenza is, in fact, by Knoll/Saarinen as Anne suggested.
-The hardware I use in the ceiling for my light is a metal eye screw. I pull the cord through the eye, cinch the loop at the top with a plastic cable tie and trim the extra length, and then fit a detachable plug at the cord’s end…you won’t be able to get the cord through the eye screw with a molded plug. good luck! Jean


Your entire home is delightful, I am especially in love with the rainbow wall…going to have to try that!


I am so excited to see that home of a female architect/designer! I’m just an undergrad, but I have big dreams! Thanks!


yes! i love jean pelle’s work, and her apartment definitely portrays her love of clean design.


Love it, love it! I especially love the credenza and it’s uber clean lines. I’m curious if Jean Pelle refinished the Jacobsen chairs herself or contracted it out. I have 6 (bought for $100!) that need refinishing.

Jeff Flemings

Thanks for the referral to Elizabeth Schuppe. Her work would look wonderful in your home, I hope you’re able to add one of her pieces to your collection.


I love the mix of styles you use. It’s so simple and easily flowing. PLUS I loved that chandelier in ReadyMade, and I love it still!


Gorgeous home, thanks for sharing! I can’t believe you found those three Wegner chairs in the street… that’s the score of the century.


that bench is making regret a similar one that i passed on at a flea market last week. i might just have to never look at that photo again or be haunted with the bad decision i made.

the red sofa is fantastic. love the whole living room/dining area.

Cindi aka oldblackcatboo

I love everything! It was very clever how you hide the air-conditioner among the paintings and put the fireplace to good use!
Fantastic job!