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sneak peek: jamie gray

by Amy Azzarito

the weather has definitely changed here in nyc, there’s a certain crispness in the air that makes you want to sharpen your pencils and get new school clothes! so it’s fitting that this sneak peek is a look into the home of a professor. jamie, a graphic design professor at kansas city art institute, and her husband rob, an associate creative director at an interactive agency, live in the river market neighborhood of kansas city, missouri in a former taxicab garage that has been converted into loft space. their home is all about juxtaposition and creativity – pairing high polished concrete floors with a huge tumbleweed hanging from the ceiling! now that’s the kind of professor i’d like to have had! {thanks jamie and rob!} –amy

[The turned aspen vase sitting atop the hutch is by my dad, artist Robert Gray. My husband and I met in design school and this Armin Hofmann poster pays homage to the Swiss influences in our education. I made the pillow from a thrifted Marimekko shirt.]

We have a sizable collection of mid-century Polish posters that we rotate in these frames. I typically curate them by subject, illustration style or color. The robot is from Bennett Robot Works from a past trip to NYC.

The street facing wall is white cinderblock so we added plywood paneling and echoed the same treatment on the loft balcony. This was a fairly simple and economic way to add warmth to the space. The Tendo Mokko rocker and teak nesting tables are a few of our many ebay finds.

CLICK HERE for the rest of jamie’s peek (including all the images on one page) after the jump!

The 20-foot high walls provide ample space to display art. I painted the three paintings, which were inspired by quantum physics. Our beloved Danish credenza by Arne Vodder is the centerpiece of the living area.

The Laminex chair by Jens Nielson was our gateway into collecting MCM. The quilted pillows made from vintage neckties are by designer Katherine McCoy.
The tumbleweed was found along I-70 and we were inspired to dangle it from the ceiling like a chandelier after we saw something similar at the Eames case study house in LA. The skeleton collection along the stairs has grown out of various trips to Mexico.
This awesome steel truss supports the curved gray metal roof and was part of the original taxicab garage structure. The smiling continental US screen print by Aesthetic Apparatus is from a recent trip to Minneapolis.
We put a high gloss wax on the raw concrete floor to make it shine. The cantilever chairs are a Mies van der Rohe design and the dining table is Eames by Herman Miller.
We found the slate chalkboard at an architectural salvage and use it as a headboard and place for random doodles. The ceramic wall tiles are by Heather Knight on etsy and the beside tables are by Kerf Design in Seattle.
We found the vintage teal Aluminum Group chairs at Retro Inferno, a favorite Kansas City mid-century mecca. A skylight above the desks provides great natural light for working.

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  • I dont know….everything is beginning to look the same to me lately. Oh wait, I have the same rug that’s in front of the gray sofa….maybe thats why…….

  • Very nice the concret floor and danish furniture.
    Details are exactly. I enjoyed.

  • I can tell this is a graphic designers space! the layout is great and everything seems to be structured perfectly! I love your large collection of amazing posters!

  • This is my most favorite sneak peek thus far!! It’s modern, clean yet warm at the same time with carefully staged viniettes througout! A++++

  • It’s like this couple’s design aesthetic for their loft has been dancing merrily in my head and my dreams each night!

    It’s just breathtakingly exquisite and makes me realize that my ‘lofty’ aspirations can one day come true … I can only hope that when I get it, it turns out this beautifully! Gorgeous!

  • Thanks to everyone for the lovely compliments.

    *Yes, that is DWR’s 73 inch Bantam sofa in green.

  • Wow- some awesome retro stuff in there. Were those Eames wire chairs under the Baur poster? Love the poster, love the chairs, love it all !!! Really awesome design ! :D

  • Francesca and Jonas – those are Eames wire chairs with Eiffel tower bases.

    Regina – there’s an article about Katherine McCoy’s pillows in ID Magazine’s March/April 2008 issue called “Patch Me If You Can”.

  • Okay, I’m dying to know – where did you get the ceramic bull’s head above your kitchen sink? It’s fantastic!

  • The chandelier in the bedroom above the bed is absolutely fabulous!! Who is the designer or where is it from? Beautiful…

  • The ceramic bulls head was bought in a little boutique shop in Raleigh North Carolina. No more information on it’s origins.

    The chandelier in the bedroom is called the Kaboom lamp. We got it from a museum shop here in KC. But a google search should bring up results on it.


    Also, We have a tumbleweed hanging in our apartment like a chandelier as well… I haven’t seen the case study home, though.

  • wondering about the lamp next to your couch. where is that from?

  • Lindsey – that’s a Weegee Floor Lamp by the couch. I just love the print, but it is a bit wobbly and hard to get straight.

    Stacey – the rug is from Target.

  • the eames chairs and eiffel bases – new? vintage? did you paint them black? gorgeous!

  • So industrial and fabulous! I have concrete floors and you just gave me an idea. I love all of the personal touches throughout.

  • Where can I track down that “BAUr” poster in the first picture? My wife’s maiden name is Baur, and I would love to get that for her family!

  • What a wonderful, comfortable home! ? Where did you get the USA map poster with the smiley face? I have the perfect spot for it.

  • Thanks again to everyone for the kind comments.

    Alanna – The Eames chairs with bases are vintage and untouched by me.

    Katarina & Patrick – I found the Baur poster on eBay, so just keep your eye out!

  • that dwr couch is amazing, does anyone have any idea on how i can get a seat-back cushion like that made or ordered?? i have a similar size couch that we just use individual pillows on but am looking to have a single cushion instead. any suggestions??
    ps i didnt realize theat dwr’s couches have cushioning that is part of the couch. doh!

  • It is wonderful—so Jamie and Robb. I love the floors, but was happy to see Kitty in one of the pics.

    Good to see you, too…….

  • Cool tumblewood plus when it gets dusty just throw it out & get another tumbleweed….great reason for a road trip!