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sneak peek: amy osaba

by Amy Azzarito

how amy osaba is able to create such a serene and elegant home with three boys under the age of 5, i will never know! she must have learned some sort of grace under pressure during her 10 years as a professional ballet dancer. now amy applies that love of beauty and movement to her floral and event designs. her home has the same vibrant mix of styles and colors as her floral designs – the end result is funky and fabulous! you can find additional images of amy’s atlanta home here. [thanks, amy! and thanks to heidi for the spectacular photos! ] –amy a.

[Robb and I moved into this house with only an 8-month old boy – now we have three: Noah, 5; Miles, 3 and Max, 2. It’s a little out in the sticks – and a long way from previous home, in town; so, we have had to make it our own and make some adjustments along the way. My sweet husband finished the basement himself and actually we both like that space much better. We wish the rest of our house looked like the basement; its more us- more industrial. He designed and created the whole space- with antiqued exposed brick and 7” moldings and hand-scrapped bamboo floors, it is much more “designed” for us. He did the garden out back with the pea gravel and stacked stone. He is very design driven as well. Can you believe I  just got that leather couch for only $150.00 at a thrift store? The chairs I got for $5.00 each in Cleveland, Ohio from my old dancing days. I am sort of a thrift/antique store-a-holic. I can’t resist! I am constantly restyling our spaces. I just find too many yummy things to play with. I want to showcase everything. Just not all at once.]

I love my little ballet girl. My great-grandmother, Bessie Smith, gave it to me when I was really young. You can’t see it in the photo but it’s raised and puffy like the old 50’s style pics. Little did she know that I was going to become a dancer one day.

I mean, one must have a hint of leopard. I know its cliché but I do love a tad bit of leopard. Not all animal prints, just leopard.  The table another thrift store find that I refinished and covered. The credenza my mom actually re-did as a house warming gift (it kinda’ runs in the family-the whole thrift store refinishing thing). I just love finding something and making it my own – not prefabricated or laid out in a catalog.

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The ballerina sketch I actually did when I was in school for art history.  The oil is from a street artist and other local thrift store finds. The black lamp came from my grandmothers farmhouse – I think she had it since the 70’s. While visiting one summer, I told her I loved that lamp and the day I was leaving she had it wrapped up and ready for me to take home. Now I am scared to tell her I like anything. She might try to send home that gorgeous cabinet I love in her kitchen.

CLICK HERE for the rest of Amy’s sneak peek (and all the images on one page!)

The gears again are from my grandmother’s farm in Arkansas. Out in the old tractor barn, they were just scattered around. I think they are gears from an old tractor. My son was exploring out there one day and asked me what they were. I thought they were interesting.

This is my little desk in my studio where I am writing from, right now. That’s Leon the family cat. Yes, even the cat is a boy! I am the only female in this whole house. But they always tell me I am their princess – such sweet boys!

The two oldest boys room, Miles and Noah. They absolutely love books (thanks to my husband who patiently reads to them every night- and never even skips pages), trains and their cowboy boots. If I would let them, I think they would sleep in their boots. The old bunny on the bookshelf, conejito, has been passed down from Noah to Max. How cute is that? They have all slept with him at some point.

This is the nursery. I started an old toy collection when I was pregnant with my first.  The crates came from the farm. My grandmother used to have milk delivered right to her back door. The little sign, I thought was so stinkin’ sweet.

In my studio!

I love this table. One of the first “antiques” we bought after we were married. It’s extremely heavy and not very practical for kids, but I think it is so pretty. The little garden my husband finished when he did the basement. It’s like an old little English garden with pea gravel and everything.

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