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reprodepot book diy: choose-a-design greeting cards

by Grace Bonney

two of today’s diy projects are straight from the pages of the new reprodepot pattern books: flora and folk. i’ve chosen my two favorites to share here today, starting with this fun choose-a-design greeting card project created by mollie green for the book. this is a great beginner’s craft project so even if you’re not a big diy-er, this is a project you can easily master on a rainy afternoon. and who doesn’t like to receive a handmade card? click here to read an interview with djerba and mollie from the reprodepot pattern book.

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Project from the Reprodepot Pattern Book: Flora and Folk


-Blank card stock, cut into rectangles measuring 8.5″ x 5.5″ (cut one rectangle for each card you wish to make)
-clear acrylic triangle with straight edge
-bone folder
-greeting card templates (you can find these on the disc included with the book, or cut out a shape from your computer– or by hand– that you’d like to use for your patterned paper)
-patterned paper (printed from this book, printed from the web, or pre-made paper you’ve purchased)
-glue stick
-hole punch (for animal eyes)
-felt pen
-A1-sized matching envelopes in your quantity


1. To score and fold your card, measure halfway, or 4.25″ down the long end of your card stock and make a light pencil mark (you can erase it later). Align the short straight edge of the triangle with the bottom of the paper at the center mark. Run the point of your bone folder along the long end of the triangle (the center of your card). Now fold your card in half along the score line and crease with the edge of the bone folder. (You may eliminate this step by buying precut and scored cards at a craft supply store).

2. Print out the greeting card templates on white text-weight paper. You can print any image from the web (hint: try searching for “squirrel silhouette” or “animal silhouette”) and trace around it to create a template, or you can choose to cut your patterned paper by hand into a shape of your choice. If you want to make a larger or smaller sized shape, adjust now with a photocopier. Once you have your templates sized, print your textile pattern on the other side of the sheet (if you’re working with a pattern from the web) or lay a piece of patterned paper over the template and trace around it.

3. Carefully cut out your shape, and use the glue stick to adhere it to the front of the card. Use the hole punch to create the animal’s eye before you glue it to the card. Play with the placement and have fun.

4. Write your greeting, assemble the cards and envelopes and send or give to lucky family members and friends.

You’re Done!

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