new: dear design*sponge

one of the requests i hear the most is to add an advice or question and answer column to the website. i tried it a few years ago using an open comment section as the answer portion of the post and the comments got a tad (ok, a lot) nasty, so i decided to can the idea. but the other day i decided that it would be fun to bring back the idea of a question and answer column as a way to showcase some of the incredible experts i’ve been fortunate to meet over the past few years. i certainly don’t have the answer to ever question i receive, but often times know someone who does. so, starting next monday, i’ll be adding “dear design*sponge” to our list of weekly columns!

each week i’ll feature a question (or two, if they’re short) and answer that pertains to topics like the following: home and interior design, furniture, gardening, do-it-yourself, design history, styling. basically- if it relates to your home and design, we’ll take it on! please note, any questions that pertain to business will be passed on to biz ladies contributors for future columns.

who will be answering your questions? i’ll be calling on our team of d*s editors, shop owners, designers, magazine editors, gardeners, stylists and buyers to provide the best information possible. whether the answer is about rearranging a tough living room layout, which credenza to buy with a limited budget, or how to bring a terrarium back to life after a gnat invasion (ok, that would be my first question)

want to submit a question? send an email RIGHT HERE with your question and the subject heading “dear design*sponge“. if we choose your question we’ll let you know what day and time it will appear. so, the mailbox is open and i’m excited to start finding answers to your questions!


I need alot of advice on everything from what to do with my odd living room layout (huge beautiful black and white fireplace, but doors on 3 different walls and none of them line up), to how to fix my bathroom floorplan (im planning a big renovation), to where I can find beautiful grasscloth wallpaper, to where there is a professional furniture refinisher for an eliel saarinen dinningroom set from the 40s in los angeles county….

You might as well just give me my own section…..