le petit oiseau plates

i’m a big fan of the plate upcycling trend that people like sarah cihat made so popular a few years back. it’s been fun to see various artists work with vintage or found plates and cups and apply their own modern spin to them.

artist natalie horsman recently started selling a series of upcycled plates that she updates with hand-cut geometric decals. using vintage textiles and found paper (printed onto decals), natalie creates new designs that fuse vintage and contemporary. i’m always a fan of faceted geometric prints against something more traditional, so natalie’s collection is right up my alley. click here to check out her full collection on etsy and shop online ($22-$28 each). thanks, natalie!


Jenny Hoople

These are beautiful! I checked her Etsy site because I was curious to learn more about these decals…I was sad to find that the decal application renders the plates usable for decorative purposes only. Though If the plate was already cracked or unfit for use as a plate, this would be a great re-use!


Aww… kinda bummed that they’re not usable as day-to-day plates, but as art objects they are very sweet.


hello everyone –

thank you for the sweet response.

in reply to Jenny and Sara – i will be adding some more plates soon that will have been fired in a kiln and therefore suitable for day-to-day use. please check my blog for forthcoming announcements.

thank you again – this is so thrilling for me!


I love that years ago, I couldn’t get my mum’s thing for displaying plates like art. At present I cannot get enough of it, what a total inspiration