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made with love: fabric covered hangers

by amym

These days I’ve been kind of obsessed with making fabric covered hangers inspired by a recent vintage find. You use up small bits of fabric you can’t stand throw away while turning an otherwise depressing closet of wire hangers into something really special. What’s not to love?

CLICK HERE for the full instructions (and more images) after the jump!

What you’ll need:

– wire hanger
– fabric measuring at least 14” by 9” (mine is windham fabric’s “a little bid told me”)
– scissors
– pins
– thread
– ruler
– scrap paper
– iron

1. Trace a hanger onto a piece of scrap paper to make a pattern


2. Add ½” seam allowance to the top of the pattern and 1 ½” allowance on the bottom


3. Cut out 2 and hem the bottoms by turning up ¼” and stitching. Right sides together, pin and stitch along the top, leaving a ½” slot open in the center to slip the hanger through. The bottom stays open so you can remove the hanger if needed.


4. Turn right side out and press with iron. I made a small bow to hand stitch at the opening because I’m girly like that.


5. Even though wire hangers get a bad rap, they can be pretty useful around the house; great for traveling and making bizarre thingamajig tools in a pinch. Plus, when covered in fabric, clothes can actually stay put on them.


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