made with love: egg cup planters


There are some little antiques doodads that I just can’t pass up buying no matter how useless they are in a modern house. Take egg cups. They are just the cutest little things in the whole world, but how often are going to actually make soft boiled eggs and sit there with your little spoon and act fancy at your kitchen table? I mean, maybe once in a blue moon, but not enough for me to justify my shameless collection of them. I’ve since started to use mine as planters for those itty bitty potted succulents that I’m always buying (and sometimes killing) at the local garden shop. Plus, they would make truly adorable party favors.

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What you’ll need:

– Egg cup

– a handful of pebbles

– small succulent

1. Bring along you egg cups to your local nursery to help gauge sizing. The smaller of my two succulents came in an 1 ½” pot.


2. Dropping several pebbles in the bottom of your cup adds layer for drainage, as there are no holes in the bottom. Gently remove your plants from their pots and loosen the roots. I separated one little succulent to plant in my smallest egg cup.


3. Carefully transplant your succulents into their respective cups, using the excess soil to pat down on top of the roots.


4. As there are no holes in the bottoms you will need to be extra sure to not over water, as overly wet roots will cause rot. Pots this small will dry out frequently, however, so a small watering once a week should do the trick. Succulents generally require bright sun and to be watered just as the soil has dried from the last watering.

Amanda Wright

Such a cute idea. Anthropologie sells an egg organizer that would look great with tons of different succulents in it! I finally have a reason to buy one. ; )

Lydia, Clueless Crafter

Timing of this idea is SO appropriate.

Last night I fell into tears when I broke one of my little egg cups. Why? My husband and I bought them in Sciaccia, Sicily exactly one year ago when we were on our honeymoon. I was so depressed last night when I hit them with a dish I was putting away.

Maybe the broken one will be good as a mini planter.

Btw, I TOTALLY have visions of eating a rich, organic soft boiled egg with my husband on a chilly Saturday morning. That fantasy will never die;-)


I have this tiny little itsy bitsy succulent that has been living in a gelato cup for months. Pathetic. It started in a 1/4 cup measuring scoop. Even more pathetic. I was thinking I would find a cute little espresso cup for it to live in, but an EGG CUP IS SO MUCH CUTER. Like a perfect little pedestal. So long gelato cup :)

ginnybranch stelling

ooh this is adorable! i might be one of the few who eat soft boiled eggs with my fancy tiny spoons.

i’ve even gotten my husband into it… sort of.


love this. i just recently purchased a cute vintage tea cup and saucer with a pretty little jade plant in it from a local antique/craft festival.


I have very fond of egg cups. As a girl my grandmother would give me half of a kiwi in an egg cup with a tiny serrated spoon.

It was a tiny special treat.


funny, I’ve had a huge market for egg cups this year. I’ll have to include this in display ideas and make more!

Ry Sal

great idea– egg cups still come with most dining sets despite the fact that they are barely ever used. perfect!


So cute! I’ve never had a reason to buy egg cups before (I do not like eggs) though there are some really nice vintage & antique ones.
A great gift idea, as well. Thanks for posting.


will it be to smal for the plant to grow ?? does i need change it when the small lant grow bigger ??


My boyfriend LOVES succulents so I stole this and planted succulent cuttings from my garden into little crystal snifters. Thank you. He loves them and its the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.


What a fun idea! I love browsing antique shops and this would be so inexpensive. Love the idea of using them as favors!