inkwells + new bodo sperlein

by Grace Bonney

before we get started with before & after fun, i wanted to say a big “congrats!” to artist leigh wells on her new lettering and calligraphy business, inkwells. if you have a wedding, birthday or special event coming up, you can now hire leigh to do beautiful hand lettering. i’m a huge fan of leigh’s writing style and can’t wait to see the projects she takes on- want to see more? click here to check out her work and view her contact information.


i also wanted to point out this beautiful new tea accessories collection from bodo sperlein for yauatcha atelier, commissioned by alan yau. i am seriously obsessed with those tea spoons- how gorgeous are they? they’ll be on display at the london design festival so if you’re in the area be sure to check them out! until then, click here to view the new series.


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  • wow. that script is stunning! and the white on slate grey really makes the lines pop all the more. thanks for bringing it to my attention, grace!

  • Calligraphy and tea make for a loverly combination, Ms. Grace! “Ink Wells”? Hello, PERFECT! Congrats, Leigh!!!

    And the tea stuff is insanely beautiful! That cup is the tea cup of a power playah!

  • OMG, if anyone knows where one might obtain the tea items, please let me know, I will give my left arm!

  • Thank you, Grace, for the lovely post, and everyone for the thoughtful comments! I love doing this work, and am so happy for the feedback.

    • jules

      it debuts at the design fair and then i’m assuming it will be available through the tea company’s retail shop/site.


  • I followed the link to see more of Leigh’s beautiful calligraphy and was honestly shocked at the prices she’s charging for the quality of her body of work.

    Some of Leigh’s pricing is higher than even some of the most popular contemporary calligraphers around – having had my invitations done I’ve shopped around. More than a few of the pieces Leigh has on her website are poorly done.

    I’m all for anyone trying to make a business out of their passion or hobby, but a little bit of research is always beneficial.

    Sorry for the negative vibe, this was just a stinging reminder of how people tend to dive into starting a business thinking “I can do that” and then all too easily getting press before their craft has been refined enough to have earned the recognition.

    • kellen

      i can’t speak to the pricing in this market because i’ve seen a huge difference between certain artists, but i can speak to the quality of leigh’s work- and it’s really lovely.

      i’m hearing a lot of “poorly done” type comments about contemporary hand letterers these days, but have seen their work take off more quickly than ever. i think it’s possible that there’s a style that’s resonating with the market right now that isn’t perhaps “perfect” calligraphy, but is a bit more free-form. whether or not that’s your personal taste is obviously up to you, but i think leigh is quite good at the style she does.