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diy project: wooden wax seal

by Grace Bonney

i’m pretty obsessed with wax seals. i think they may any letter seem more special- especially if in miniature form. so when i heard from kimberly and her husband from ragehaus about their wax seal project i was over the moon. this designing duo recently screen printed 5 new prints, each wrapped in parchment paper and sealed with wax bearing their monogram. kimberly explained that, “one of the interesting aspects of this project was the wax seal i made from a wooden dowel. it was an idea that was so crazy, it worked and i just had to share the process.” i’m so glad that she chose to share the steps online because i am totally making one of these this weekend. thanks for sharing!

CLICK HERE for the full instructions.

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  • This makes me so happy I love wax seals! I used mine as the image for my business card and I sealed my thesis work with it instead of a signiture (every one signs their art work, and I wanted something different.)

  • GREAT TUTORIAL! Does anyone have experience running wax seals thru the post office on envelopes? I am concerned it might break the seal with their scanners? Or possibly use an outer envelope to protect the seal?

    love it!

  • Thank you everyone for all the wonderful comments!

    @Lindsey: I read a bunch of reviews about sending wax seals through the mail and unfortunately the mail system isn’t very good at handling them. I would use an outer envelope to protect the seal.

  • awesome project, thank you for sharing!

    also for lindsey, you can also request the post office to hand cancel the item you are mailing. that way they don’t run it thru their scanners.

  • OMG!!!! I love this!!! I’ve been wanting to get a wax seal for our family but can’t justify spending $9 for one. Do you know if this can be done with a rubber wine cork too as a cheap substitute?

    I’m pretty sure the dremel tip would work jenni. I’ve been looking into getting one for carving purposes and it seems like it’s a nice standard tool for everything.

  • Wow! How simple. I have always wanted to have my own wax seal, but the idea of purchasing a mass produced one from the craft store sort of went against the whole idea of having a personalized seal. I bet you could totally use this to create a stamp for “signing” ceramics too.

  • how do you keep the wax seals from cracking? everytime I have done these, they end up cracking and chipping off?

  • If you need a great source for wax try this:


    I’ve never had a problem with it cracking or breaking in the mail. It’s seriously strong and flexible and it smells nice too. Sort of like cinnamon and clove. Plus it’s handmade!!!

    They also specialize in remaking antique seals and making custom ones too.

    The owners are also fellow calligraphers and very friendly and so nice.

    However, I love this idea and it’s definitely worth a try for fun. Thanks for sharing!

  • @jenni: that’s what my husband asked me and I’m sure anything that would carve the wood could work just fine.

    @jenny & @Brenda: I wondered about using a wine cork as well. My main fear would be how brittle the cork is along with the texture it might imprint. But as jenny mentioned, the rubber one might solve both of these issues.

    @ Tiffany: Thanks for the link! I love the variety of colors available.

  • @Lindsey: I’ve received a couple of smeared wax seals from friends. Definitely send your seal inside another protected envelope to ensure it safely reaches its destination.

  • I used pre made seals from waxseals.com and they went through the mail with no problem. For my favor boxes we used a stamper from them and glue gun style wax that bonded to the string we used, it was so easy and fast.

  • What an excellent tutorial. May have a go at these myself when it comes time for wedding invitations, although I’ll probably get a few years practice on christmas cards before then.

  • – very interested in your instructions on how to make a wax seal stamp. I did click on the link for instructions but it no longer there. I tried Ragehaus and it is not there either.
    Any chance you could post again with the instructions? Looking to use for an upcoming wedding
    Thank you Beth

  • Link to tut is broken and link to Etsy shop shows an empty shop. Perhaps business is closed?

    George Eastman

  • Would you be able to put up a new tutorial of this? The website it was supposed to be on is for sale.

  • I decided to make my own wax seal stamp (since the one I wanted to purchase is very expensive), and found these helpful ways (detailed instructions with illustrations) to make one. Thank you!