diy project: argyle sock vases

i can’t get enough argyle! here’s a quickie friday afternoon project for your onesie socks (click here for yesterday’s argyle card project). while i was playing with them i found that the band at the top of the sock make a perfect little soft neck at the top of the vase. i might have to buy some more socks to cover some other things in my apartment. have fun!! -kate

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1. socks
2. vessels
3. needle and thread
4. scissors
5. scrap fabric



1. pull sock over vessel to make sure if fits nicely and you like the shape of it.

2. cut the sock an inch underneath the vessel. pull it off the vessel to sew it.

3. put your vessel base on the leftover socks bits and trace the bottom. do this on your scrap fabric also. cut out the two base shapes.

4. pin the scrap fabric to the sock fabric so that the scrap will go on the inside and the sock will be facing out on the base.

5. turn the sock inside out and put back on the vessel. fold the extra fabric underneath the base and pin it inside the circle template you made with the scrap fabric facing out. when you sew this and turn it inside out you will have the sock base facing outwards, which is what you want.

6. sew the base to the rest of the sock using matching color thread. snip any excess fabric once it is sewn to remove bulk from the base.

7. turn inside out and slide your sock over your vessel. you can fuss with the banding at the top to make it straight.



Lydia, CluelessCrafter

So many onesies now have a new purpose. I might try using socks that are more refined like mens dress socks. I think that they look more finished and more like an actual hard surface.


There is something very unsettling about cozies of any type on vases. My heart goes out to these poor flowers.


This is so cool! I can think of many things to “argyle.” Is it a Murphy’s law that if I go out and buy argyle socks, that it will be the one pair of socks where one never gets lost?


How funny would it be to give someone an argyle vase with a note on one of those argyle note cards!?
P.S. What type of socks to pirates prefer?
Arrrrrrrgyle!!! Hahaha…sorry…couldn’t help it :)


Oh my gosh, love this! I’ve got a bunch of boring, clear vases that are about to get a total argyle makeover. Thanks for the idea! :)


I have a sister who LOVES argyle, I should totally make her one of these! Thanks for sharing such a neat idea!!!


Now I have a use for all those holiday socks I can’t wear anymore! Thinking of so many things to put them on!


j’adore l’idée, la réalisation et tes super chaussettes. Merci!
I love the idea, the realisaton and your great socks! Thanks a lot!


Taking off of someone else’s post re: holiday socks … this is an excellent craft for kids to make gifts for gramma and grampa for Christmas. Would also work for Candy dishes etc. I made a vase as you suggested with teal socks with black crows patterend on them. Brilliant!