designer carpets, beauty everyday & wedded bliss

good morning! today caroline has got a great post on designer carpets over at the d*s guest blog. her focus this week is the connection between fashion and home design and today’s post is all about fashion designers working on collections for the floor. i’m in love with the selections from twinkle by wenlan, but you can check out all the carpets right here.


yesterday i got my copy of the new beauty everyday “summer in the south” series and i’m LOVING it. being a southern girl, i’ll always have a soft spot for images of southern summers, so click here to check out (and pick up) your own copy. these girls have really nailed some of the elements that make up a summer below the mason dixon line.

i also wanted to thank joanna goddard (who’s on her honeymoon!) for including us in her “secrets to a happy marriage” series. we’ve only been married for 4 months, but we’ve been together for 6 years so i was happy to share some of the tips i’ve learned for sustaining a happy relationship- along with a tiny peek from our wedding. the big wedding story will be out at the end of the month (!) in the fall issue of martha stewart weddings (i’ll be posting images from our photographer after the issue comes out).


I knew that this book was from Athens when I saw that beautiful R. Wood pottery!


what a fantastic idea for a photographic book. i grew up in the northwest and moved to the south about a year and half ago and one of the things i appreciate the most are the beautiful images that exist during the summer months in the south. amazing.