before & after: yellow love

i’ve got a serious soft spot for yellow. every time i bring yellow flowers or accessories in the house i find myself thinking, “why don’t i do a yellow-themed room?” but i somehow never get around to it. but these before & after projects have me thinking yellow again. first up- french reader jessy‘s yellow side table makeover. i love the way she used the yellow selectively and and used it to play off the warmth of the wood. so lovely. thanks for sharing jessy!

[have a before & after you’d like to share on d*s? just shoot me an email here with your images!]


CLICK HERE for karen’s sunshine yellow stool makeover after the jump!

next up- karen who just shared a great table with us! she updated this cute little stool with a coat of yellow paint and now it really comes to life. ah, the power of yellow. thanks, karen!


Catherine Michelena

Great table! Wonderful choice of color and gorgeous hardware/knobs. I’m really loving yellow lately… I have a few great before and after’s that I would like to submit to D*S, I just have to shoot some classy photos :) Thanks for sharing!


Wow great job Jessie! I love the high-gloss on the table and the knobs really help pull it all together!


Grace-I feel the same way every time I see yellow–just want to bathe in it, just not enough to actually go to the store and buy everything I need to paint a wall or two :-)

honey living

this looks so great! i love the choice to leave the drawers the wood tone. totally mod and fab looking. thanks for sharing!

Jess W.

I love the little side table. I’m curious as to what kind of paint she used/how she finished up. I’m repainting a desk and really want to get that sort of shiny/laquer looking finish as well. It looks so great!


I have a yellow bedroom and I love it. I was nervous at first because I’d always heard that you should do your bedroom in cool colors, but I couldn’t resist, I love yellow too much!

kristen davis

that yellow table is SO cute. i love that she kept the hardware in its original state, and didn’t paint it! great work, jessy :)


so cute! i have a similar little nook table that is in great condition and i love it…. but now i can’t help but imagine it with such a gorgeous paint job… hmmmm


I’ve been decorating my apartment living room in a black, yellow, silver, and white theme, and I’ve been painting some of my furniture yellow too! I love yellow! I’m inheriting two old garden furniture metal sidetables from my grandma soon that are similar to that stool, and now I”m inspired to paint them yellow as well!


Whoa! I have yellow envy. That is a great transformation, I wouldn’t have looked twice at it in its original state.


I liked the yellow sidetable. A bit disappointed you didn’t leave the front colmns alone.They were nice in their original state.

Sarah K

How do you get the paint to look lacquered like that? The sheen is great.