before & after: the scamp trailer

today’s before & after comes from designer stephanie gahm and her husband, photographer and director, taylor gahm. at the beginning of 2009, this daring duo quit their jobs and decided to spend the year traveling and investing in their marriage. they bought a 1977 13′ scamp trailer and renovated it all on their own, from the frame up! here’s a list of the jobs they tackled:

* repairing the actual fiberglass structure
* refinishing and repairing fiberglass interior
* new flooring
* refinished and repaired ensolite interior walls
* custom cabinet doors and new hardware
* new mini fridge
* new track lighting with dimmers
* new electric wiring
* flat screen TV with cable wiring
* built in drawer storage system
* new upholstery and curtains
* new sink plumbing
* new AC window unit
* new camper potty and cabinet that we affectionately call the bathroom

when they were finished they a sweet modern home to take with them while traveling across the country together. you can read more about their adventures (and the makeover) right here, and see more pictures of their trailer makeover right here! thanks stephanie and taylor!

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oh! i am just in love with this idea of beautifully redesigned trailer/campers…if this whole owning a house and a shop thing doesn’t work out, i have pledged to pack up my family and hit the road in a revamped airstream!


Very cool! I love the curtains and lights!!! My husband and I are in the middle of remodeling a 1964 Fan Travel trailer. It’s such a fun project!


I have long admired the scamp! I vacation in Empire Michigan and there is one parked there, I am so happy to see this post. SO happy!


Oh man, I have been truly envious of many things on D*S, but this takes the cake…the freedom, the design, the freedom….sooooooo cool!!!!!

miss pickles press

wow! they did such a great job with this renovation. if you have the time and the skills, renovating is such a great alternative to buying new. hope these two have a wonderful year of travel.

Pretty Little World

Love it! I’ve been wanting to try one of these myself, but I’m not a big camper, so it may have to wait until some of my more practical projects get underway!




We had a Scamp growing up. It was the best place to play as a child. I loved our family trips into the Cascades and Rockies in that little camper. Thanks for the post.


I am officially adding “owing a scamp” to my list of life goals. Putting near the top of the list. Maybe I’ll just put in my 5-year plan…


WANT! Between that and restoring a teardrop camper I am SO having the trailer bug this year.


This is fantastic!!! My husband recently bought a mid-60s Aloha camper. He’s offered to make it into our camper/mobile darkroom! But not until he finishes the inside of our tiny house. I sent this to him for inspiration!

Stephanie Anfinson

I love it! My husband and I have had this dream as well. After the year of fun and adventure is over, if they are willing to sell/rent it… let me know! :-D

Heidi V.

You’ve realized my dream! I love the Scamp and have always wanted to renovate one. Great job!


Everything about this post is beautiful, from the interior to the motivation for making it. I’m happy they decided to share this project with everybody!


Would love to know where you sourced the fabric for those lovely curtains. Thanks!


Oh my goodness, this is amazing. I was away at the time so I missed this post originally, but my husband and I were driving home a few months ago and saw someone towing a Scamp and we were both like, “OH MY GOD WE NEED ONE OF THOSE!!” I’m glad to see my fantasy vicariously realized by a more ambitious couple.

Jan Ryder

I have the exact trailer, and am in a quandary as to what to do with the ugly Ensolite that was spray painted by a chimpanzee. Yours looks terrific.

Jan Ryder

Please check out our club with about 1400 women who flyfish and camp and own vintage trailers. Most have been redone and are uniquely painted.


So beautiful! I hope one day I get to make one of those renovations. If possible on a hippie Volkswagen van.
and I love this ikea fabric. its is one my faves ever.
Thanks for sharing!
have a lovely week*


How did you do this? We just bought an older Scamp & are looking to upgrade/customize the look of it… Did you measure & custom order everything or does a place do fancy upgrades like this?

Bonnie Locklear

I’m with Nikirose! Can you offer some info. on how you did the remodel?? I’ve got a 77 – 13′ and would love to do some of the upgrades like you guys!! Any info would be great!!!!

Bonnie Locklear

I agree w/ Nikirose! I have the same model as yours and would love some tips on updating and exactly what you guys did! Any help would be appreciated :)

Linda Fox

I agree with Nikirose. I would like to have some tips on updating and how you did it. thank you for any help!


We just bought 16′ Scamp. Your redo looks great! I was wondering what kind of paint did you use on your interior?


Would you please advise what the material is on the seat pads? Wonderful decor!

robert w. vogeltanz

Come and take a look at my 2006 Scamp 16ft with side dinette. It was great going to the Factory to pick all the goodies that I wanted on it. Picking it up the Backus,Minn.plant was a trip of a lifetime. What a thrill and what a wonderful camper.

Dottie mcguire

Looking for a scamp trailer or a teardrop camper in California to buy.


We have a new Scamp and love it! Just about to renovate an old 78 for my office! Beautiful job.