before & after: lucinda’s dresser & katherine’s chair

this fantastic before & after project comes from lucinda henry of shakti space designs, a decorative painting business. inspired by pieces she saw in a magazine (see photos below) lucinda decided to refurbish this old cabinet she purchased back in 1997. after traveling with her from chicago to seattle, then portland, this little cabinet lived in lucinda’s garage housing garden supplies. but recently lucinda decided to upgrade her dresser using wood grain vinyl cutouts to give it a fresh new look. i love the final product- and the low budget price tag. congrats to lucinda on the great work!

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CLICK HERE for katherine’s chair makeover after the jump!

this before & after comes from d*s reader katherine center. she decided to spruce up this old family chair with a new seat made from vintage cotton fabric (inherited from a family friend) from the 50s/early 60s. after a coat of grey/blue paint the new chair was clean and ready to be used in katherine’s daughter’s bedroom. great work, katherine!



Wow! It really looks awesome! I love the way the flowers overlap from the drawers onto the frame. And leaving one of the knobs as the flower ceter is a nice touch as well. Congratulations to Lucinda and thanks for sharing!


May be stealing that dresser idea. I know I can always come here for project inspiration!


I love before and after! I have gotten so much inspiration from this column, and hope to share some of my own sometime soon.

Katherine Center

It’s so insanely thrilling to see my chair in this post! I have spent hours and hours looking at before/afters here! And wow–that dresser is amazing. LOVE.


Love the transformation!
Those chairs looked like they belonged to someone’s grandmother and now they are totally hip!
Same with the dresser, it looks adorable with the flowers.


That dresser is just a job well done! I love that!!! Very creative.

The chair is adorable and looks so much happier, doesnt it? ;) Congrats on your first D*S post, Katherine!



Thank you for posting my project. How exciting to see my own before and after on D*S! I’m humbled by all the love so far – thank you readers.

Meredith – I did the cutouts myself. You can see the progression of my project on my blog.

Lydia, CluelessCrafter

I love the dark appliques on the white chest. I might have chosen a different shade of white to give the appearance of something that is not so new.

My personal preference leans towards the old and the history surrounding the old.


I love both projects, but especially the dresser. My current apartment has a lot of wood (and faux wood) and this would be a great way to tie it all together! I wonder if it’s too soon to re-do my just completed re-done dresser…

jana Souza

Wow, I love both of these and that dresses is amazing.

Lucinda worked very hard on all aspects of it (chatted with her along the way) and the finished piece is just lovely.

I agree with Rhondearella that the chair looks so much happier now :)

Lovely work from both !!


Before and After is one of my favorite things to read on this site…both of these projects are very inspirational.


I love this before and after. She did a fantastic job. Grace, I have another before and for you. I need to email you with the pics.


both of these projects are incredibly applicable and inspiring for some projects i need to tackle this weekend!

I get so nervous painting over wood furniture with opaque colors, but this blue is so fresh and inviting.

collecting my courage…


i can’t even begin to tell you how much i love that dresser. darling.


The dresser is very beautiful, but I think a much more interesting way to approach the concept is painting a wooden dresser white and masking the flowers to show the grain through.


both this projects look great!
I love how the colours of the chair fit the room!

The dresser has inspired me to try making over my own dresser who just looks drab… May I ask: How much can you tell that’s it a vinyl cutout on the dresser when you look at it in reality?


Adorable chair with excellent fabric on the seat. Dresser is also divine. Thanks for sharing!

Susannah Roberts

So creative and also inspiring–I am off to redo a dresser!!! The cutouts are so clever–can you purchase them or do you get a vinly sheet and cut them out? The chair does look happy now. Thank you for the inspiration..Susannah


Is it just me? I liked the fabric on the chair before the renovation.