before & after: jenna’s bathroom & jessica’s room

this bathroom makeover comes from jenna rose in ontario. her washroom had been painted a deep brown with dark brown trim, accented by lime green curtains. determined to update her master bathroom suite, jenna wallpaper the back wall in a paintable wallpaper and painted it, as well as the walls, a cream color. the trim got a coat of white paint and the frame around the tub was sanded down and stained with a white oak finish. the elegant chandelier? a thrift store find with new bulbs and a coat of spray paint. the finished result is so relaxing and luxurious- great work, jenna!

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next up is a room makeover from photographer jessica claire. she had a friend create the incredible pattern on the back wall using wooden trim! the effect is really striking and the new look? wonderful. great job, jessica!



This bath looks so much better. It is amazing what white stain did for that tub. Love your chandelier, very chic! Great job…

Jessica: LOVE the way that wood trim made this space feel so clean and modern. Love the contrast. Amazing, classy. Great idea!

marii muniieka

This is WONDERFUL….i absolutely love it!! Both are amazing I can just imagine the feeling walking into a room like that!


Love the wood trim, so graphic! But the contrast would make me cross-eyed after a while… I’d probably paint them a softer grey.


Wow, wow, wow, that wooden trim wall is crazy! It looks stunning in the photo, but I don’t know that I could relax in that space. Then again, maybe the room is not for relaxation.


That wood trim is genius, and brilliantly executed . It’s only my opinion, butI think it’s a shame the flat screen has pride of place…it detracts from the beginnings of what could be a great room. Get rid of that and add some extras- books, some sculptural flowers in bright colours (hot pink?)…it needs personality to compliment that fantastic wall.


I want that bathroom! I keep looking for a thrift chandelier, but nothing yet!

And that wood trim had to have taken FOREVER! Props to the friend who loves you so much to do that!


I LOVE the last before and after! What a change! Very eye catching!


My day is just never complete without my design*sponge before and afters … and they never disappoint with their creative beauty. Never ever.


Love the wood trim idea…the stark black and white kind of hurts my eyes…if I ever took that idea I’d probably do a tone-on-tone type treatment


I love the bathroom make over! Do you have any tips from staining the wood with the white oak stain? I loved how it turned out and would like to try it myself. Thanks -Dd


That bathroom is so pretty! I’m inspired and want to do something like that in my house! Probably not the bathroom, but maybe a bedroom…

jenna rose

wow, such nice compliments- thanks!

Jaturon- Yes, i plan on adding one of my big bins to the bathroom with spare towels rolled up in it!
They’re great for that!

Rachel- staining the wood was the trickiest part of the job. I used a palm sander to sand it down and it took hours to do and produced so much dust! I brushed the stain on and wiped it off within three minutes of applying it- repeated that three times, but then felt it was too white, so I sanded it lightly before adding the clear coats which really helped the wood grain show through.


OMG, the bathroom is beautiful and so serene! I love the bleached wood around the bathtub and the white contrast with the green walls. Mmm… my dream bath.


I really like the pattern, but if I have to be functional it is quite annoying to have that background if you watch TV for a long time


I love the bathroom. It looks like a great space to begin with, but after the transformation? a m a z i n g !


bathroom gets an A+!!!

the black wood trim is horrific – seizure inducing! Please, if you have to do this, let it be tone on tone.


The bathroom makeover is amazing, and shows how dramatic a change can be made with an abundance of imagination and elbow grease. I can’t believe how much was accomplished without major structural changes. Bravo.