before & after: a table, lamp and dresser

our next three before & afters are all about color upgrades. starting first with karen from darling octopus. karen upgraded her table with a fresh coat of paint and some of my favorite wallpaper on the market- julia rothman’s treet wallpaper. this would be such a fun table for a child’s room. great work, karen!

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CLICK HERE for 2 more before & afters (a gorgeous lamp and dresser) after the jump!

next up is a lovely lamp makeover from holly regan at livingston and porter. that glossy shade instantly made its way into my heart. i can’t resist a beautiful shiny green- it really transforms the lamp into something really glamorous and chic. great work, holly!


last but not least, d*s reader mindy’s dresser makeover! sometimes a coat of blue paint is my favorite thing for furniture- it’s not a color my mind ever really drifts to, but almost always looks incredible. thanks for sharing, mindy!



Where does one get just enough wallpaper for a project like this? I can’t see spending $70-150 on a roll when I only need enough for a bit of furniture.



a lot of times wallpaper stores/companies will let you order samples, just give them a ring and ask. also, i know hygge and west sells samples of julia’s papers on the link i provided above.

also, gift wrap is a much more affordable alternative for the same look.



I’m wondering about the “after” photo of the blue dresser — were the doors in the center removed to reveal the drawers?


If you use wallpaper or gift wrap on a table, what protectant would you recommend to put over it? Thanks!



it depends on how permanent you’d like it. if you want to be able to remove it, i’d suggest a covering it with a clear piece of contact paper cut slightly larger than the paper so it sticks, but keeps it water-safe. or you could spray glue the paper on. for something more permanent, try using modpodge to attach the paper.



the rothman wallpaper is very cool, though reminiscent of a bunch of menorahs laid flat.

always dig big pastel chests of drawers. would also like to know about the center of the piece.


Love the lamp! Can you share a source for the green lamp shade? Or a how to? – Thanks


I have finally put a plan into motion regarding my dresser from Ikea. I would love to paint it light blue and yellow, but my walls are blue. Going to go for a glossy gray. I can’t wait.

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WOW! All of these are stunning. I am super impressed with that lamp. I was thinking, ‘what the heck can they do with that???” Only to be truly amazed with the after photo. Beautiful!


Always love the before/afters! These are great! Where does one get a cool lacquered lampshade like that green one? So cool…


Hey guys! Its me who redid the blue dresser. Yes, I took the middle doors off because they just seemed to get in the way, I painted the middle 3 drawers that were hidden in the middle then used all the same hardware to make it look cohesive. Glad you like it! :)


Mindy– What color/type paint did you use? It’s perfect. I’d love to use the same shade for my twins’ nursery! Thanks!


love that lamp! was the shade restored as well? if not, will you divulge your source?


Loving that lamp shade! Did you do that yourself? If so, can you share your secret diy? Or do you sell them anywhere? Totally Awesome!!!


Still waiting to find out about that amazing green lampshade! Someone share PLEEEZE! Snaps to all y’all on the makeovers.


Please share the necessary information to purchase or make that lovely green shade. It is simply spectacular!!


Another vote for divulging the provenance of that awesome lampshade!


Okay, I will share…..It’s only fair. Dear Grace is kind enough to send people my way….Will do the same for d*s readers….

When we had our retail store, robin’s egg blue, we carried these gorgeous lamps by SHINE home. Russ and Susan Ortiz are fabulously talented and I am pretty sure they will become favorites of yours too! I believe this particular shade and lamp base (not shown) were discontinued. I am working on a DIY version so if I am successful, I will certainly report back…In the meantime, check out SHINE for more eye candy and lighting to lust after.


PS. For those looking for a semi-permanent solution for the table…One can get a piece of glass cut to fit on top of any furniture surface and place wrapping paper, wallpaper or fabric under glass- giving you the ability to change more frequesntly or seasonally. Pier One also sells (standard sizes)glass rounds for round tables, making the glass a little more economical.


Thank you, Holly for sharing! Good luck with your diy adventure, and keep us posted!

Amy Kelly

I am absolutely crazy about that dresser makeover! Mindy, you did a fabulous job. This is one of my favorite makeovers. I was just wondering if you had any “during” photos of the project, and what paint you used?


Hello! The blue dresser is gorgeous! I have some old furniture and this is a wonderful way to transform them. Could you please let me know the name of the paint you used?