before & after: a chair, a bar and 2 dogs

today’s before & after posts are starting off with 3 very distinct stories- a chair makeover, a bar overhaul, and a little puppy love. first up? a colorful chair project from d*s reader amanda farrell. amanda created a custom upholstery job for her desk chair and gave it a face lift with some gorgeous green paint. it sure puts on a spin on that sad beige “before” chair. thanks, amanda!

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CLICK HERE for 2 more before & afters after the jump (including an adorable double-decker dog bed)

this next before & after comes from suzy of georga peachez. suzy decided to make over her wet bar by priming the whole thing, painting the hardware, countertop and cabinet and then adding some lovely wallpaper. great work, suzy!


last but not least, an adorable pet makeover i couldn’t resist sharing. d*s reader rene decided to turn an “ugly table” she had sitting around into an adorable dog bed for her pups. who can resist cute dogs? i know i can’t. thanks, rene!



I love Amanda’s green cane chair. I have some cane chairs that I want to paint a high gloss white. What is the best way to paint cane – using spray paint or a brush? Can you sand it first or does that harm the cane? I’d love anyone’s insight!


…and she turned that table upside down to make the doggie bunk beds. WOW! Imaginative indeed!

Nicole (Three By Sea)

Ok- that doggie bed? Might just be the funniest thing I’ve seen this week. How freakin’ adorable! Totally impractical for my Boxer/Pit Bull mutt, but cute indeed.


Can you provide the source for the gorgeous wallpaper, or is it vintage?


Do the dogs actually sleep/rest in their adorable beds? I’m pessimistic for anything dog related as when I was a kid, I carefully made a dog house that Sophie hated using. HATED.

Either way, the dog beds are adorable.


that dog bed is genius! So smart, and so adorable!

and I love that green chair, too!

The bar looks great too, so much better.

I feel the need to go “before and after” something!


Way to think outside the box on the dog bed … it’s so cute it makes me want not only the little bunkbed, but a pair of dogs to go with it!


Mary – I used a satin spray paint on the whole chair and it covered perfectly (after priming). I did sand the cane – but make sure to do it lightly as to avoid any roughness that heavy sanding can cause. Have fun!


The doggy bed is so cute–what a great idea! I’m going to start trolling thrift stores for my own “ugly table.”


I love the green chair. It reminds me that there’s hope for some of my aged furniture! It just made me instantly happy.


You gave me much needed inspiration to do my office chair! It is gorgeous!

Laurel J

The bar looks great with the drama on top and simplicity on bottom.

That doggie bed makes me want to find an old table and adopt a couple of dogs! I’d do that for my rabbit if he didn’t eat wood.


Rene, your dog bed is the most arresting/delightful bit of cleverness I’ve seen on design sponge thus far. It must be wonderful to live inside your head.


LOVE the bar makeover. The wallpaper is gorgeous, but is it weird that my favourite part of this makeover is the handles? A little paint took them from totally run-of-the-mill to stunning!


Love the nightstand-turned-doggy-bed idea! Genius! And well executed, taboot.


We have 2 Shih Tzu puppies and they HAVE to have a bed like this!!! Thank you soooo much for sharing your creative idea with us.


We have 2 Shih Tzu puppies and they HAVE to have this bed. Thank you sooo much for sharing your creative ideas!!!