weddings: ainjil and chris

by Grace Bonney

photographer jose villa takes one heck of a beautiful photo. he was behind the beautiful shop horne wedding we posted in may (stay tuned for their new column next!) and is behind the incredible pictures i’m sharing here today.

bride and groom ainjil and chris met because of music- she is a singer in a band, and he recorded her album. their wedding at the crossroads estate in los olivos, california was planned and designed by rebecca stone of duet weddings with a “french country in the vineyard” theme. what grabbed me the most about their special day was the incredible focal statement made by a wall of hanging ribbons. it sets such a soft, but dramatic stage for the other vintage-inspired details like mixed china plates, beautiful curved wooden chairs, and glass apothecary jars filled with candy. rebecca of duet has been kind enough to share more details, which follow after the jump below. but i also wanted to add an incredible film of the wedding shot buy joel serrato of joel serrato films. i’m always a sucker for the “moment captured in time” aspect of photos, but it’s especially sweet to see the day in movement. especially to catch details like the ticking stripe-covered plants and chandeliers in trees. swoon. thanks so much to jose, rebecca, and joel for sharing their work with us- and to the happy couple, ainjil and chris for allowing us to share their big day. congrats!

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The bride has a serious sweet tooth, so a gorgeous dessert display was in order. (Guests were delighted to nibble throughout the evening, and take home in bags at the end of the night.)

On the table tops, loose creamy blooms filled collected silver pieces, while mismatched china made for unexpected dinner plates. We stamped table numbers on burlap bags which the dinner wine was placed inside of, and wrapped it loosely with antique velvet and lace ribbons.

Guests were greeted upon arrival with a “make-your-own” champagne cocktail station, where they could serve themselves with fancy little spoons to create little cocktails of their choice before heading to their seats for the ceremony

The space was dotted with ruffley vintage pagoda style umbrellas- one under which sat a silhouette artist who created little masterpieces with his hands as guests looked on in awe. A framed record of ‘Chris & Diane’s song’ placed atop stacks of sheet music was used for signing.

Cocktail hour was full of merriment- we created little vignettes using different lawn games- an antique croquet set in one corner, horseshoes in another, vintage badminton set in another.

An antique riddling rack stood alone displaying guests’ escort tags.

Guests moved inside an old barn for dinner, where more chandeliers twinkled from the rafters. The enormous, open barn presented challenges with Chris & Diane’s intimate group, so we sectioned off with fabric and ribbon (we created a 24’ wide wall made entirely of ribbon- in varying shades of antique, muted tones) to create different spaces. At the end of the night, the couple danced to their first dance, “performed” by Jim Reeves. (A large screen was placed behind the dance floor, and a black-and-white projection of Jim Reeves singing created the effect of him serenading them at that moment..)


To see the FULL SET of images from Jose, CLICK HERE!

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  • The wedding is set up beautifully. Just the perfect wedding most people only dream of. Wow.
    The photography is great too! This makes me want to get married.

  • The ribbon wall is so elegant. I can just imagine it flowing in the breeze. And, probably a relatively affordable for a DIY bride!

  • there are simply no words to express how beautiful this is it all just went together and made it such a fairy tale wedding.

    As for the song on the cinematography video it was a great pick it totally seems as if it had the actual audio from that occasion great job!!!

  • Grace, I cannot begin to thank you enough for this gorgeous feature!! What an honor..
    Casey- thank you for your compliments! The ribbon wall is a totally manageable and affordable DIY option! Buy your ribbon wholesale (you’ll need a TON!) a few sturdy curtain rods, and you are good to go! :) xoxo

  • God, what a beautiful bride!! Like Kate said, the style (vintage/retro-ish) is not usually my thing, but it’s SO well done here that you can’t help being enchanted. Thanks for sharing!

  • Wow! I have been searching for inspiration for my future wedding and I have found it! Absolutely stunning!

  • such a beautiful celebration of love. That video is amazing. It really captures the event & sentiment of the couple. Thanks for posting!

  • Rebecca, Absolutely beautiful work! I loooove the ribbon wall. Gorgeous! And what an amazing team of vendors. -B

  • this is absolutely, positively perfection. congrats to the couple on their union and such a beautiful celebration!

  • Oh My. I’m a sappy girl, I’ll admit it. But dreaming about my wedding day is something I’m only just now getting into (being with a great guy helps). This wedding makes me realllllly want to get married. Sooooo beautiful, so perfect. Congrats to the happy couple!

  • Oh I know a shop in London that would be a great source for vintage porcelain out precisely for events like this!!! I think it’s called VINTAGE HEAVEN and they used to own the tearoom next to Neal’s Yard Dairy at Borough Market…

    Of course this is if you live in London or nearby…


  • This is possibly the most beautiful wedding I’ve ever seen. Everything is perfect. I’m in love.

  • This is the kind of wedding i dream of when i was a little girl! It’s sooo romantic…. thanks for sharing :)

  • Oh my god, I don’t know if there could be a more beautiful wedding. Congratulations and you are SO inspiring!

  • not to be the downer here, but the invite has a spelling error! it should say “you’re invited” not “your invited”.
    other than that, this wedding looks absolutely amazing!

    • thanks sally-

      normally i let the wedding blogs stick to that topic since they do it so well, but this one was too lovely to ignore. if you like the general aesthetic we do here, you might like oncewed.com- they post some really gorgeous sort of indie, quirky weddings.


  • i love the colour scheme and chandeliers! that song is also perfect. i can’t seem to find this version anywhere, though. overall, beautiful…

  • Jane — I noticed that, too! I was in LaLa Land, oogling over this BEAUTIFUL wedding, and all the amazing attention to detail. And then that spelling error made me gasp out loud!

    But if that was the only snafu in this wedding, then I’d say it was still pretty fabulous…

  • Beautiful wedding. I have to ask, though, with such attention to detail, is it my imagination or does the invite say “Your Invited”? Maybe my computer screen is playing tricks – but shouldn’t it say “You’re Invited”?

  • There are no words to adequately describe just how incredible this wedding was!

  • Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

    I do have to say I’m surprised so many people have pointed out the typo on the invitation. It doesn’t seem very helpful after the fact. Plus, it looks like the typo in question was made on the invitation for the rehearsal dinner, not the wedding.

  • Holy cow! This has to be one of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen! Amazing photos, film, finishes, everything!


  • Christine – thanks so much for noticing that my horrific spelling error did indeed only go to our families and bridal party for the rehearsal dinner. Well….that is until the entire internet got it! lol The lesson here for all brides ….when you choose to DIY, get a spell checker! LOL

    I asked my wedding coordinator, Rebecca Stone, to have the photo taken down because i dont want my dumb moment taking away from the ammmmmmmazzzing work done by all of my wonderful vendors who went above and beyond what I requested and made the entire wedding planning process stressfree!

  • Wow! Can you picture their great-grandkids finding a copy of this…
    -What’s this?
    -I dunno. Mom says it’s her Gramma’s wedding.
    -Wow! She’s so pretty! Who’s the guy?
    -That’s Poppa.
    -No way!!

    The video was fantastic and the song just carried it over the top. I cried.

  • What a beautiful wedding. Hopefully, they did not spend an arm and a leg on those wedding invitations that said “Your Invited.”

  • Christopher and Aingil Congrats on such a beutiful union. I am so glad my daughter was able to be a part of your wedding. She was so proud and said the wedding was what she wants when she is “all grown up and boys aren’t gross anymore”. Love to you~~~

  • Simply gorgeous!! Wonderful job Rebecca I wouldn’t expect nothing less from you because your attention to detail is superb. By the way did anyone notice that the tree under which the cermony took place is shaped like a heart?