valentin löllmann + d*s meeting note

sometimes the combination of beautiful furniture and photography just knocks me over. these pieces from german designer valentin löllmann, created from bits of old “forgotten” furniture, are so lovely i can’t resist them. i love the lighting in the photos- everything is so moody and gorgeous. i’d love to have that sofa on a sunny screened in porch. with a pillow it’s just right for morning coffee and the paper (anything more comfortable would be nap-inducing for me). click here to check out more of valentin’s work online.

quick note: i’m looking to have a little brainstorm/research session with a few regular d*s readers in brooklyn this week. if you’re in the nyc area and are free to join me this week, please drop me a line right here. the coffee and sweet treats are on me.



I love the top piece. There’s something both nostalgic and robotic about it, which gives it an odd but lovely tension. And all those drawers are just begging to be filled with secrets!

Laura Hale

This is incredibly inspiring! My boyfriend builds his own guitars and I refinish anything within reach, so we have a ton of odds and ends of old furniture and wood. This just gave me the most wonderful direction to go in. Thank so much for posting these!


The first two pieces are wonderful. Captivating. But, the table makes me wonder where I would put my legs. It appears to be the size of a dining table, but looks like it would be impossible to sit at, no? Everything very beautifully photographed, though.


I looked at these and immediately thought “Siamese furniture!” To me, they all have the impression of being separate pieces mixed together. Love them.

Design Like The Pros

Thank you. Those photos are magical and eerie, in a good way. It’s captivating the way patches of sunlight hit the pieces and the concrete walls are in shadow.


Such beautiful photos! So many layers, perfectly put together to create these beautiful images.


i saw those pieces in maastricht on the show of last year art students.
If i remember right.


ps they are amezing