under $100: hardware

one of the most popular under $100 roundups i did for domino was a roundup of affordable hardware. unfortunately that guide got the axe when domino’s website did, so i figured it was about time to start going through my old guides and updating them to run on d*s (i’m not allowed to run the old ones, as they legally belong to cond√© nast). so today i’m starting with hardware- one of my favorite inexpensive ways to spruce up existing furniture and found objects. i hope you’ll enjoy the selection of knobs, pulls, brackets, door knockers, switch plates and hooks- be sure to click here to check out the archive of budget-friendly d*s posts.

[image above, clockwise from top left: wood knob pulls $3.88+, daisy knob $8, key hook rack $24, floral brass knob $2.75, coy finials $48, log house numbers $19.95, carved bloom knob $10, melon glass finials $40, branch cabinet pull $50.40, diamond gal knob $6, eastlake escutcheon $2.19+, inlaid pearl doorknob $38, pinecone lamp finial $25.20, brass fox door knocker $12.79]

[image above, left to right: deer head door knocker $38, owl door knocker $18, horse head hook $18]

CLICK HERE for the full roundup of over 35 budget-friendly hardware selections after the jump!

[image above, clockwise from top left: vineyard bracket $24, seahorse knob $12.60, full carat knob $6, dolphin ceiling hook $4.99, galaxy knob $14, rugged ranunculus hook rack $38, pinecone finial $46.35 (would be so cute painted a bright color), horseshoe knob $3.40, grej handle $6.99, ginkgo knob $18, oak leaf knob $19.80, in perpetuity cover $18+, shell knob $23.28, colonial swordfish hook $4.89, twigs handle $18]

[image above, left to right: pressed flower hook $18, hoot hoot switch plate $24, hello goodbye knob $42]

[image above, left to right: panthera knob $8, lochloren handle $12]

[image above, left to right: spider web bracket $18, honeycomb bracket $18]

rachael sudlow

Love the branch drawer pulls! Too bad they’re so pricey..$50 each is kinda crazy & would cost a fortune for the dresser I’d want to outfit



they’re pricey, but they’re also 8 inches long- they’re not the small type of pulls you’d use typically on a dresser, unless you wanted one giant one in the middle. they’re meant for large kitchen cabinets i think…



I need SO MANY of these, but especially the Diamond Gal knob and the daisy knob. Oh, and the full carat knob. Now I just need things to attach them to…..


This is such a great list – fabulous hardware like this is my mini-obsession right now. Does anyone know of other online retailers that are similar to Anthropologie? The more selection the better!


Check out House of Antique Hardware:

If you have questions, contact Eva at 888-223-2545 x220.



The Hook Lady online also has some good hardware. In the grand tradition of Urban Outfitters, they have some pieces that look quite similar to The Hook Lady (check out the horse head hook).


When I first saw on twitter you were working on a ‘hardware’ post I thought it would be hammers, saws and stuff. Ha! What a nice surprise!


Anyone have a source for little J-shaped hooks and short pegs? I’m making a little hanging jewelry box and need some hooks about 1 inch or less! Metal, ceramic, whatever.


If you excuse the branch pull’s extra 40 cents, everything in here is less than $50..

Steven Hoober

Great post. Almost every piece of furniture we have bought (vs. those made) comes home and gets new pulls, and sometimes new feet, and other hardware. Really dresses up a lot of stuff, and is a great way to match to your style more.

Here in the KC metro area, Locks & Pulls (at 103 & metcalf) is the best store I know of, but I’ll bet every town has something like that. Vastly superior to the hardware store selection, or trying to decide the right size and color on the internet. Try to find your local specialized door hardware store.


Love the movie, and love your treatment, just wanted to point out that it’s actually an opera, not a musical, since every line is sung (as opposed to dialogue punctuated by bursts of verse) just one of the many things that make that film so unusual and wonderful!


oh shoot, sorry, meant to put that over under the “Umbrellas” post:)


I, like Jamie, saw you post on twitter about writing this article and I was wondering if you’d found the designer series for Black n Decker.

Thankfully you hadn’t ;)

I’m totally in love with the Key Hook Rack, and at $24 it’s a bargain.


This site often makes me yearn for things I never knew I wanted . . . like door knockers.


Harper, Urban Outfitters (sister company to Anthropologie) just did a huge hardware shop in stores. I’m sure the website has a good selection, too. By comparison, their aesthetic is a little younger than Anthro but prices are usually less!


Does anyone know how to use knobs as hooks on the wall? Obviously Anthropologie sells hooks as well, but I’m looking for something smaller, to hang jewelry from, perhaps.


I’m still so sad about Domino, so thank you so much for sharing this wonderful post. The woodland creature are delightful!


seriously, i’ve seen wall brackets almost anywhere, but i’ve absolutely no clue on what they do! do they have an actual usage purpose or are they just for looks?

Anyhoo, love the vintage owl door knocker and the honeycomb bracket!

Chloe C.

Stacy, you can use hanger bolts to screw knobs to the wall for a hook. They have machine threads on one end (for the knob) and woods threads on the other end (to screw into the wall)
MyKnobs.com carries everything from every hardware manufacturer. Have you all seen all the animal & jeweled & modern knobs & pulls from Anne at Home?

Chloe C.

another way to use knobs for hooks is to mount them on a board or a plaque or something. The Levi stores have western knobs mounted on boards in their dressing rooms to hang your stuff up on.

Chloe C.

another way to use knobs for hooks is to mount them on a board or plaque & then hang that up. The Levi’s stores have western knobs mounted on boards in their dressing rooms to hang your stuff up on.


I’m so glad you are doing this! I loved this section in Domino, and we just bought a house and REALLY need better hardware :)

Valdese @ ModernBudgetLiving

Thank you for these beautiful and affordable finds!! Hardware is one of the easiest ways to affordably change up the style of your home. Just a little paint and some beauties like these magically transform the ugly ducklings into swans.

Design Envy

Love these!! This a great way to dress up and add a little unexpected to almost anything in your home! Beautiful!!


Stacey – I was just at Hobby Lobby and found a great selection of knobs and pulls that are very similar to the ones at Anthropologie. If you go on a day where they are half off (which is about 50% of the time), then they are pretty cheap, too.